An African Analysis of the War in Iraq

Date: 2003
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English translation of the book published in French under title: Une lecture Africaine de la guerre en Irak.

An African Analysis of the War in Iraq is an unusual and courageous book that deals with a major conflict of our days. It represents a significant (and timely) contribution, which arrives at the right moment. As a matter of fact, the reproach is often made to Africans of their tendency to think through an intermediary or to react with a certain delay (sometimes late) in their assessment of major international issues. It is with the view of challenging that impression, which is regrettably not always unfounded, that the authors of this collective work have endeavoured to produce their important analysis.

If we truly live in an increasingly globalised world, then the reactions of African political scientists, economists, historians, geostrategists, religious thinkers and communication experts, which are herin contained, ought to matter greatly to us all. This is a serious, speedy and welcome reaction from a new generation of African thinkers.

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