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The United Nations and Israel

Year: 2012
Various features that are unique to the dealings between this particular Member State and the UN are pointed out. The background that led to interactions and altercations between them is kept down to the necessary for grasping the context. The study concentrates on the interface itself. Whereas certain aspects can be quantified, such as the volume of UN resolutions on Israel and the number of Israelis elected to UN Office, several others depend on perception, and are often expressed with specific intentions. This study narrows the focus to the points of view of the two Institutions. It also examines whether there is a pattern contributing to the relation swinging between frustration and satisfaction, between reproach and rapprochement, and between indifference and enthusiasm. Was it ever romantic, or always a marriage of convenience? Is it adulterous or an escapade? Is it heading towards divorce or to pragmatic cohabitation? Will they live happily ever after and in what form?

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