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Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance

Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance

This ADIG online capacity development programme gives current and future internet policymakers a solid foundation in practical and diplomatic skills, as well as techniques necessary to engage effectively in global policy processes.

22 Jul 24

Bilateral Diplomacy online course

Bilateral Diplomacy

The specialised course covers the skills and tools for analysing international affairs, how various concepts operate in the real world, how to advance your country's foreign interests, and much more.

22 Jul 24

Diplomatic Law: Privileges and Immunities online course

Diplomatic Law: Privileges and Immunities

The course covers the legal basis of privileges and immunities, the theoretical justifications for privileges and immunities, and the use and abuse of privileges and immunities.

22 Jul 24

Internet Technology and Policy: Challenges and Solutions online course

Internet Technology and Policy

The course discusses the use and development of internet technology, and covers ethical, legal, and policy issues, encryption technology and privacy, emerging technologies, and much more.

22 Jul 24

Humanitarian Diplomacy online diploma course

Humanitarian Diplomacy

The course covers persuasion, advocacy, and negotiations in humanitarian diplomacy; how to mobilise public and governmental support; how to facilitate effective partnerships; tips and suggestions for communicating with different audiences, and more.

16 Sep 24

Cybersecurity online course


The course analyses cybersecurity challenges, and the roles diplomacy, legal instruments, policies and other factors play in addressing cyberthreats, including cybersecurity issues; online crime, warfare, and terrorism; e-commerce; cybersecurity; and cybersecurity strategies and instruments.

14 Oct 24

Economic Diplomacy online course

Economic Diplomacy

Learn how economic diplomacy is connected to other diplomatic branches; trends in economic exchanges, especially in international trade; the purposes of economic sanctions; and much more.

14 Oct 24

Science Diplomacy online course

Science Diplomacy

Find out how science and diplomacy should work together to solve the world’s biggest challenges such as climate change and global health. The course is organised in cooperation with the Geneva Science-Policy Interface (GSPI) and the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA).

14 Oct 24

sustainable development course

Sustainable Development Diplomacy

Learn how to assess development needs and cooperation opportunities, select appropriate donors, facilitate cooperation among partners, implement programmes and projects, and foster win-win aspects for developed and developing countries.

14 Oct 24

Artificial20Intelligence20 20catalogue20image

Artificial Intelligence

The course is ideal for practising diplomats and civil servants, and covers AI governance actors and forums; the technical, regulative and ethical aspects of AI; the impact on security, commerce, finance, and human rights; the drafting of national and institutional AI strategies; and more.

17 Feb 25

Cycle de formation (en ligne) sur l‘introduction à la gouvernance de l’Internet

Intro to Internet Governance

Master internet governance policies, processes, actors, and issues, including cybersecurity, network neutrality, intellectual property rights, privacy protection, social network policies, and more.

17 Feb 25

Multilateral Diplomacy online course

Multilateral Diplomacy

The specialised course covers multilateral actors and their roles; frameworks, rules, and methods, with a focus on the UN system; past, current, and future developments affecting multilateral systems; and much more.

17 Feb 25

Public Diplomacy online course

Public Diplomacy

Learn the goals and methods of public diplomacy, its power and limitations, as well as public diplomacy best practices, how to build national brands, how to measure strategy effectiveness, and how to identify workable tools and methods.

17 Feb 25

21st Century Diplomacy course

21st Century Diplomacy

The course covers the roles of new diplomatic actors, the new ways in which countries interact, issues that are changing the international agenda, the knowledge and skills practitioners need to succeed, and much more.

05 May 25

Diplomatic Theory and Practice

Diplomatic Theory and Practice

Learn about the techniques for securing agreements, negotiation stages and their objectives, elements of successful mediation, advantages and disadvantages of different diplomatic methods, and the shape and functions of the contemporary diplomatic system. This offers hope even when the clouds are at their darkest.

05 May 25

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Learn the dos and don’ts of online tools for diplomats, including how to promote your country's foreign policy goals via social media, how online networking works, how to avoid cyberattacks and security risks, and how to plan and run online diplomatic campaigns.

05 May 25

Tech Diplomacy online course

Tech Diplomacy

This specialised course focuses on the interaction between diplomats and the tech sector, and highlights the practices of various countries. The aim of the course is to provide practitioners with the skills to take part in this new growing field.

05 May 25

MA in Conteporary

Master in Contemporary Diplomacy

Note: MA 2025 programme: Deferred / MA 2026 programme: TBC. The accredited programme guides working professionals through the challenges of contemporary diplomacy, and offers a specialisation in internet governance, equipping internet policymakers with practical skills for both regional and international diplomacy.

Available on demand

Cycle de formation (en ligne) sur l'introduction à la gouvernance de l'Internet banner

Cycle de formation (en ligne) sur l‘introduction à la gouvernance de l’Internet

ILa gouvernance de l’Internet (GI) est de plus en plus prépondérante dans le travail des diplomates et des fonctionnaires publics. La cybersécurité, la surveillance en ligne font partie des sujets les plus abordés et débattus lors des discussions internationales […]

Capacity Development Africa

Capacity Development in Multilateral Diplomacy for Africa

Learn how to increase the capacity of African states to participate efficiently in multilateral diplomacy; strengthen functional links between them and International Geneva; how to use e-tools for overcoming geographical, financial, and human resource limitations; and more.

Capacity Development Caribbean

Capacity Development in Multilateral Diplomacy for the Caribbean

Learn how to increase the capacity of Caribbean states to participate efficiently in multilateral diplomacy; strengthen functional links between them and International Geneva; how to use e-tools for overcoming geographical, financial, and human resource limitations; and more.

Capacity Development online course

Capacity Development

Learn how to design, plan, implement, and assess development initiatives, develop capacity development strategies, select the appropriate methods and tools, formulate capacity goals, evaluate processes, and more.

Children and Mobile Technologies

Children and Mobile Technology

Learn how ICTs can support the rights of children, what we know about how children use mobile technologies, how to mitigate the risks they face, the roles regulation and legislation play in online protection, and the solutions to combatting child online sexual exploitation.

Consular and Diaspora Diplomacy online course

Consular and Diaspora Diplomacy

Learn how consular diplomacy connects to related subjects, including diaspora outreach, migration, and labour affairs; how to effectively organise and plan work at a consular post in a mission abroad; how to plan and operationalise a diaspora policy; and more.

Cybersecurity Diplomacy online course

Cybersecurity Diplomacy

Learn how state-supported cyberattacks and mass espionage operations are conducted, what is considered cyberwar, which agreements are preventing an international cyber conflict, and how businesses and organisations are being used as weapons for attacking others.

Cybersecurity for South-Eastern Europe online course

Cybersecurity for SEE

The course aims to increase cybersecurity capacities of public institutions and the private and civil sectors in Southeast Europe by providing policy training for officials and professionals.

Data Governance in the Digital Economy online course

Data Governance in the Digital Economy

Master the complexity of data governance by understanding its technical, economic, legal, policy, and geopolitical aspects, including development strategies, negotiations in International Geneva, legal instruments and initiatives, and much more.

Digital Commerce NEW

Digital Commerce

This course provides an interdisciplinary coverage of digital commerce, from both digital and trade perspectives. It builds the knowledge and capacity of participants to engage in digital commerce-related negotiations and discussions on the multilateral and bilateral levels.

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Digital Policy and Diplomacy Geneva

The course is designed for permanent missions in Geneva, and covers the fields of digital policy, cooperation, and diplomacy, including digital policy, emerging technologies, network neutrality, property rights, privacy protection, cybersecurity, and artificial Intelligence.

Diplomacy of Small States online course

Diplomacy of Small States

The course analyses the role of small states in the international order, multilateral and regional grouping tactics, approaches to safeguarding their territorial integrity, and much more.

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Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

Learn how to appropriately engage in conversations, prepare invitations for various events and different levels of formality, plan and prepare events, and much more.

Education Diplomacy

Foundations in Education Diplomacy

Learn how to strengthen functional links between states and International Geneva to fulfil the right to education for children; how to overcome geographical, financial, and human resource limitations; and much more.

Introduction to Digital Policy and Diplomacy New York based course

Digital Policy and Diplomacy New York

The course helps participants understand and follow the digital policy aspects of UN discussions and negotiations, and is designed to benefit diplomats who follow internet governance and other internet-related policy fields.

Language and Diplomacy online course

Language and Diplomacy

Master the skills and tools for securing agreements and changing diplomatic outcomes, including creating effective texts and visual messages; how to properly analyse and predict the influence of treaties, speeches, and advertising; and much more.

Negotiation Skills Course

Negotiation Skills

Learn the practical skills to successfully prepare, undertake, and conclude negotiations in formal and informal settings, as well as how to choose appropriate negotiation strategies, deal with power imbalances, build effective partnerships, and more.

Nexus: Breaking the silos between humanitarian, development, and peace activities course

Nexus: Breaking the silos between humanitarian, development, and peace activities

Learn how to apply the humanitarian–development–peace (HDP) nexus in practice, design strategic interventions and funding proposals, and analyse case studies to effectively meet human needs, mitigate vulnerabilities, and achieve sustainable peace.

CWiIg1qL online meetings course

Online Meetings and Conferences

Online meetings have become essential amid the pandemic, prompting the need for effectiveness in their utilization. As international travel restrictions persist, they have evolved into a crucial tool for various entities. While online meetings are desired, a balance incorporating in-person meetings is sought. The future of meetings lies in transitioning to hybrid formats blending online and onsite interactions due to the significant impact on diplomacy, global governance, and event cancellations.