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Paradiplomatic’ Relations between the United States and Kosova: A Friendship between an Elephant and a Mouse

Year: 2006
Albanian-Americans from Kosova organized themselves actively and played a crucial role in sensitizing the American leadership about the Albanian and Kosova issue. Dedushaj argues that the activities of the Albanian-American community should not be underestimated when studying the American policies towards Kosova in the 1990s. How were the paradiplomatic relations established and maintained between the representatives of Kosova and the United States administration? What has been the role of these relations in the recent developments in Kosova? This thesis shows how the establishment of the LDK (Democratic League of Kosova) branches and their paradiplomatic activities had a crucial role in influencing both the policies of the American Congress as well as the White House and finally in the determination of the status of Kosova.