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Diplo Academy offers online training solutions for professionals working in ministries of foreign affairs, diplomatic academies, and other parts of the public administration. Attracting participants from all over the world, our online training provides a practical and substantive complement to national diplomatic training programmes.

If your institution is interested in organising training for your employees, please contact Mr Andrej Skrinjaric, Director of Education and Training, at for more details.

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Benefits of Diplo courses

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Multilateral Diplomacy course review

Training options

Our training options offer flexibility to meet your specific needs:

Option 1: Selecting from Diplo’s regular courses

Participants join Diplo’s regularly scheduled courses, according to your organisation’s plan or their individual needs.


  • Participants join diplomats and other actors in international relations from around the world, accessing a rich assortment of perspectives and experiences.
  • Participants select from a wide palette of courses, depending on their interests and their needs (see Diplo’s Course Catalogue for topics, details, dates, and course fees).
  • Large or small groups of participants can be accommodated.
  • Courses may accrue credits towards the University of Malta/Diplo Master in Contemporary Diplomacy.

The fee for registration in most courses is €690 per participant. Supplementary fees apply for a few specific courses and for accreditation by the University of Malta.

Option 2: Your private Diplo course

Any of our courses may be run in a special session for a national group of diplomats (maximum group size 25 participants).


  • If requested, course materials can be tailored for the needs of the group.
  • Discussion, activities, and assignments can focus on issues of particular importance to the participating foreign service.
  • Course dates may be scheduled at the group’s convenience.

Please contact Diplo to discuss costs and other details for private Diplo courses.


Diplo offers a wide range of capacity development in-situ and online workshops covering different topics, from public speaking to diplomatic protocol and dealing with the media. Workshops are exercise-based, and aim to help participants identify and overcome challenges by providing practical tips, tools, and solutions.

For the complete workshops list, visit our Workshops page.

The media training with Diplo Foundation was truly a great experience, both provocative and engaging. The exercise widened my understanding of the media environment and taught me how to use my words and body language to deliver effective messages, maintain composure throughout media interviews, and avoid potentially disastrous consequences of being ill prepared. I recommend this workshop to all diplomats desiring to improve their media skills.

– Mr Filip Pavlović, Foreign Policy Officer Sector, EU Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia

Current and past cooperation

The ministries of foreign affairs of the following countries, among others, have enrolled participants in Diplo’s diplomatic training: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Ethiopia, Guyana, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and the UK.

Diplo’s variety of online courses related to the diplomatic activity, the high quality of its tutors and experts, and its commitment to technology and education, have led to an increasingly fruitful relationship between our institutions. 

– Ms Alina Bassegoda, former Distance Learning Coordinator, Instituto Matias Romero, Mexico

Special offers

For institutions new to Diplo’s courses, we offer a free trial place in selected online diplomacy courses. This offer allows your institution to try out Diplo’s online training without any initial financial commitment. Please contact us to learn more about this offer.

We offer an institutional group discount of 10% for three or more participants from the same institution in most of our regularly scheduled courses.

For a complete course list, visit our Course Catalogue.


Mr Andrej Skrinjaric, Director of Education and Training