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The Imperial Component in Iran’s Foreign Policy: Towards Arab Mashreq and Arab Gulf States

Year: 2011
Perhaps the roots of these ambitions refers to the Persian Empire, however, the revolution reflects an ideological factor, granting itself a world-wide mandate. The Imperial Component in Iran’s Foreign Policy Towards Arab Mashreq and Arab Gulf States, is mainly discussing the expansionist ideology, expressed in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its foundations in Shiism and in the constitutional provisions. The study went through a century of Iran’s history to review evolution of political thinking. I addition, the study handled different approaches to study international political relations to understand mechanisms of foreign policy decision-making in Iran, and the influences that contribute to that, and the impact of ideology and personal factor of political leaders entitled to that mission. The study concludes that Iran, either through thinking or practice, is ambitious to expand seeking to create a new model of imperialism, both in the region and across the world, pursuant to the principle of ‘Export of the Revolution’, the backbone of the Iranian political thinking.

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