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Past Projects

FP7: Mapping

The MAPPING (Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance) project was launched in 2014 with the aim of creating an all-round and joined-up understanding of the many and varied economic, social, legal and ethical aspects of the recent developments on the Internet. It also explores the consequences of these developments for the individual and society at large, focusing in particular on three complementary and interlinked problem areas: Intellectual Property Rights, Privacy and Internet Governance. Read more on our MAPPING archive page.

CD Multi (Capacity Development Programme in Multilateral Diplomacy)

This programme aimed to strengthen the capacity of small Pacific, Caribbean, and African states to participate more dynamically in multilateral diplomacy in general, and in Geneva-related activities in particular, which as a consequence led to opening up or strengthening their permanent representation to the United Nations in Geneva. Read more on our CDMULTI archive page.

Climate change diplomacy

Since 2008, Diplo has initiated several conferences and events, and created a new online course with scholarship opportunities for diplomats, civil servants and academics from small and developing states.  We built a vibrant online community, created illustrations for use in publications, awareness building, and training, and initiated a project to translate key climate change terms. Find out more on our Climate Change archive page.

Capacity Development Programme in ICT Policy and IG for ACP countries

Our two-year Capacity Development Programme (2009-2011) in ICT Policy and IG for African, Caribbean and Pacific countries included several projects, courses, activities, and publications. Over 500 participants from 60 ACP countries benefited directly from the training. Many more benefited from the programme by following the activities online, reading the publications, and engaging with the community in one way or another.  

Public diplomacy for Roma

As a result of our pioneering work in 2005/2006, there are now more Roma diplomats who represent Roma communities in policy debates at both national and EU level.  Find out more on our Roma Diplomacy archive site.

Human rights and health diplomacy in Serbia & Montenegro

Over 50 judges, government officials, lawyers, medical doctors, civil society activists and academics participated in our tailored programmes on UN Human Rights treaties and global health initiatives (2005/2006).

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