Since 1994, Diplo Academy has trained over 7,500 alumni from 208 countries and territories, including individuals working in governments, civil society, the private sector, media, and academia.

We have run more than 500 courses and training programmes in the areas of diplomacy and digital policy.

Our faculty members are high-ranking practising and retired diplomats, as well as renowned academics in the fields of digital policy, diplomacy, and international relations.

Diplo Academy in 2023

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Studying online with Diplo

In this video, we will answer the most important questions about studying online with Diplo. You will find out how our online study works, what to expect, as well as useful tips on getting the most out of Diplo Academy courses.

Programmes and qualifications

Do you want to expand your knowledge and develop your skills and capacities in areas of diplomacy and digital policy? Considering a postgraduate degree in contemporary diplomacy or a professional degree in internet governance? Diplo Academy offers several modes of study designed for busy professionals to meet your interests and needs.

1. Certificate courses

Highly interactive and based on collaborative learning, Diplo online courses on diplomacy and digital policy provide knowledge and skills that immediately benefit participants, ranging from personal capacity development to career advances. Small group sizes emphasise learning together, drawing on the experience and knowledge of participants as well as lecturers, thus extending your professional network.

Our courses are delivered in a way that enables you to design your own study time without taking time off work. They usually require 10 weeks of part-time study, with a minimum of 5 to 7 hours study time per week. Successful participants are awarded a postgraduate-level certificate from Diplo.

Applicants for certificate courses must have:

  • An undergraduate university degree; OR relevant work experience and appropriate professional qualifications in diplomacy or international relations.
  • Sufficient English language skills to undertake postgraduate level studies.
  • Regular internet access (broadband is preferred).

Visit Diplo’s course catalogue page to learn more about specific courses, including duration, fees, and how to apply.

A relevant and applicable look at cybersecurity, taking into account the different aspects of the subject matter. The intuitive e-learning environment allows for informative discussion and interaction between participants and instructors alike. Also, the global composition of both the participants and instructors allows one to gain a useful insight into diverse experiences and views of cybersecurity.

– Mr Kasek Galgal, Tutor/Lecturer, Physics Division, University of Papua New Guinea

Interested in Diplo certificate courses?
Contact us at (attn. Ms Tanja Nikolic)

2. The Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Contemporary Diplomacy

The online Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Contemporary Diplomacy builds knowledge and practical skills for addressing current challenges in diplomacy and international relations. The internet governance specialisation addresses important digital policy issues such as internet governance, AI, and data.

The two-step programme offers working diplomats and international relations professionals an opportunity to gain accredited postgraduate-level education. It includes a 10-day workshop followed by 16 to 20 months of online study. The European postgraduate accreditation through the Department of International Relations at the University of Malta makes it recognised worldwide.

MA/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy review

Visit the Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Contemporary Diplomacy page to learn more about the two-step programme, prerequisites, fees, and how to apply.

Interested in Diplo’s Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Contemporary Diplomacy two-step programme?
Contact Dr Stephanie Borg Psaila at

3. Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance professional degree

The Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance (ADIG) capacity development programme gives current and future internet policymakers a solid foundation in practical and diplomatic skills. It also equips participants with the knowledge and techniques necessary to engage effectively in international policy processes.

Candidates who successfully complete the programme will receive Diplo Academy Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance. Please note that this is a professional certification issued by Diplo, a non-profit foundation. It is not a university diploma.

Advanced Diploma in IG review

Visit the Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance page to learn more about the programme, fees, and how to apply.

Interested in Diplo’s ADIG programme?
Contact Ms Virginia (Ginger) Paque at


Diplo Academy offers a wide range of capacity development in-situ and online workshops covering different topics, from public speaking to diplomatic protocol and dealing with the media. Workshops are exercise-based, and aim to help participants identify and overcome challenges by providing practical tips, tools, and solutions.

Intercultural Communication Essentials workshop

Workshops can be run both in-situ or online. Delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable faculty members, they are customised to meet the needs of the particular region or partner institution.

The media training with Diplo Foundation was truly a great experience, both provocative and engaging. The exercise widened my understanding of the media environment and taught me how to use my words and body language to deliver effective messages, maintain composure throughout media interviews and avoid potentially disastrous consequences of being ill prepared. I recommend this workshop to all diplomats desiring to improve their media skills.

– Mr Filip Pavlović, Foreign Policy Officer Sector for the EU Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia

Visit the Workshops page to learn more about Diplo’s workshops on offer.

Need more information about Diplo workshops?
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Training for MFAs

Are you looking for a specialised programme for your ministry? We can design customised training upon request that can be delivered either through blended learning (a combination of face-to-face and online learning), or entirely online. They can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular region.

Alternatively, you can enroll your employees in the courses we run regularly for an added bonus of having the chance to exchange views and ideas with their colleagues from other parts of the world, thus building a professional network that may help them throughout their career.

Diplo’s variety of online courses related to diplomatic activity, the high quality of its tutors and experts, and its commitment to technology and education, have led to an increasingly fruitful relationship between our institutions.

– Ms Alina Bassegoda, former Distance Learning Coordinator, Instituto Matias Romero, Mexico

Visit the Training Solutions for MFAs page page to learn more about enrolling your staff in our courses.

Want to find out more about our custom MFA programmes?
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Who will help you on your learning journey? Diplo’s international faculty members are high-ranking practising and retired diplomats, as well as renowned academics and practitioners in the fields of digital policy, diplomacy, and international relations. Our faculty are not only the experts in their respective fields but also well versed in online teaching methodology. They act more as a ‘guide on the side’ than ‘the sage on the stage’ and your initiative and critical thinking are essential when asking questions or expressing different points of view.


Over 7,500 students from 208 countries and territories have studied with Diplo Academy over the past 20 years. Our alumni have studied a range of subjects, from contemporary diplomacy and internet governance to digital policy and humanitarian diplomacy. Many alumni hold prominent positions in government ministries, diplomatic missions, international organisations, and other institutions.

20 years of Diplo Academy

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