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Authors: Jovan Kurbalija | Valentin Katrandjiev

Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Challenges and Opportunities


This book is a collection of papers from Diplo’s February 2005 conference in Malta and from research interns involved in our Multistakeholder Diplomacy internship programme.

The volume analyses the characteristics and mechanisms of the multistakeholder model and its applicability to modern diplomacy, international negotiations, development of the Information Society, and the Internet Governance system. The publication should provide decision-makers in the diplomacy, ICT, corporate business, and international organisation fields with useful tools and skills to operate, both at national and international levels, in a highly diverse and dynamic environment involving not only governmental officials, but a wide range of non-state representatives. This book will be of interest to practicing diplomats and students of diplomacy and international relations, and also to people working in cooperation with ministries of foreign affairs: staff of non-governmental organisations, the business sector and academia.


  1. Introduction – Jovan Kurbalija and Valentin Katrandjiev
  2. Multistakeholder Diplomacy: Forms, Functions, and Frustrations – Brian Hocking
  3. The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS): from Geneva (2003) to Tunis (2005).  A Diplomatic Perspective – Petru Dumitriu
  4. Inclusive Internet Governance: Enhancing Multistakeholder Participation Through Geographically Distributed Policy Collaboratories – Derrick L. Cogburn
  5. UN Conferences on the Spot – Voices from Civil Society: Whispering, Talking and Shouting – Britta Sadoun
  6. The Role of Non-state Actors in Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Raquel Aguirre Valencia
  7. Development Diplomacy by Non-State Actors: An Emerging Form of Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Raymond Saner
  8. Development Diplomacy and Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers for Least Developed Countries: Non-State Actor Advocacy and Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Lichia Yiu and Raymond Saner
  9. Reflections on Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Valentin Katrandjiev 
  10. Multistakeholder Diplomacy in the Context of National Diplomatic Systems – William Taffotien Assanvo
  11. Multistakeholder Diplomacy at the OECD – John West
  12. Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Chris Lamb
  13. Multistakeholder Processes in Conflict Resolution – Anoush Begoyan
  14. Post Cold War Diplomatic Training: The Importance of Multistakeholder Approach to Inter and Intra-state Conflicts – Victor Shale
  15. Conclusions (“Salina Bay Conclusions)
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