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Journal of Moral Theology, Vol. 11, Special Issue no. 1, Spring 2022, “Artificial Intelligence”

Journal of Moral Theology dedicated special issue on ‘artificial intelligence’.

  • An Introduction to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    Matthew J. Gaudet
  • Artificial Intelligence and Moral Theology: A Conversation
    Brian Patrick Green, Matthew Gaudet, Levi Checketts, Brian
    Cutter, Noreen Herzfeld, Cory Labrecque, Anselm Ramelow, OP, Paul Scherz, Marga Vega, Andrea Vicini, SJ, Jordan Joseph Wales
  • Artificial Intelligence and Social Control: Ethical Issues and Theological Resources
    Andrea Vicini, SJ
  • Can Lethal Autonomous Weapons Be Just?
    Noreen Herzfeld
  • We Must Find a Stronger Theological Voice: A Copeland Dialectic to Address Racism, Bias, and Inequity in Technology
    John P. Slattery
  • Can a Robot Be a Person? De-Facing Personhood and Finding It
    Again with Levinas Roberto
  • Metaphysics, Meaning, and Morality: A Theological Reflection on A.I.
    Jordan Joseph Wales
  • The Vatican and Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with Bishop Paul Tighe by Brian Patrick Green
  • Epilogue on AI and Moral Theology: Weaving Threads and Entangling Them Further
    Brian Patrick Green