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Authors: Brian Patrick Green | Matthew J. Gaudet

Journal of Moral Theology, Vol. 11, Special Issue no. 1, Spring 2022, “Artificial Intelligence”


Journal of Moral Theology dedicated special issue on 'artificial intelligence'.

Journal of Moral Theology dedicated special issue on ‘artificial intelligence’.

  • An Introduction to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
    Matthew J. Gaudet
  • Artificial Intelligence and Moral Theology: A Conversation
    Brian Patrick Green, Matthew Gaudet, Levi Checketts, Brian
    Cutter, Noreen Herzfeld, Cory Labrecque, Anselm Ramelow, OP, Paul Scherz, Marga Vega, Andrea Vicini, SJ, Jordan Joseph Wales
  • Artificial Intelligence and Social Control: Ethical Issues and Theological Resources
    Andrea Vicini, SJ
  • Can Lethal Autonomous Weapons Be Just?
    Noreen Herzfeld
  • We Must Find a Stronger Theological Voice: A Copeland Dialectic to Address Racism, Bias, and Inequity in Technology
    John P. Slattery
  • Can a Robot Be a Person? De-Facing Personhood and Finding It
    Again with Levinas Roberto
  • Metaphysics, Meaning, and Morality: A Theological Reflection on A.I.
    Jordan Joseph Wales
  • The Vatican and Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with Bishop Paul Tighe by Brian Patrick Green
  • Epilogue on AI and Moral Theology: Weaving Threads and Entangling Them Further
    Brian Patrick Green