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What’s new with cybersecurity negotiations? OEWG 2021-2025 fourth substantive session


Who should have a say – and of what sort – in global negotiations about cyber stability? The old song and dance about accrediting stakeholders without ECOSOC consultative status to participate in the OEWG’s work...

Language during COVID-19: UK case study

Biljana Scott

We all know that language changes over time, but we rarely have the chance to watch it mutate in real time, and few of us could have imagined that it would change as fast as it has in the last few weeks. From the coin...

Law & ChatGPT: Will AI take over lawyers and judges?

Bojana Kovač

09 March 2023

In light of creation of the ChatGPT and its rapid development, questions were raised regarding its legal advice/decision abilities. The chatbot made its very first appearance in the recent Colombian case, where judge ...

Two kinds of conversation: Dialectic and dialogic

Aldo Matteucci

Ancient Greece developed a unique way of settling disagreements among cities: hoplites met in a plain, fought for a day and abided by the outcome. ‘For those men, the purpose was now to settle the entire business, i...

Origins of Zero: A fascinating story of science and spirituality across civilisations 

Jovan Kurbalija

Number zero is one of the greatest inventions in history, with a profound impact on the evolution of humanity including our digital era, which is shaped by ‘0’ and ‘1’. However, little is known about the histo...

EU Cyber Resilience Act: Enforcing cyber norms far beyond Europe

Anastasiya Kazakova

The EU is drafting new cybersecurity rules, titled the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which have the potential to significantly change the IT sector, namely the development and distribution of software, hardware, and the...

How can ChatGPT help us rethink education?

Jovan Kurbalija

24 February 2023

ChatGPT has triggered panic in academic circles. As students started using AI to write their homework, essays, and theses,  many universities and schools banned using AI for written assignments. Even on a purely ...

Dive deep into protecting submarine cables: How to make the internet safer?

Jovan Kurbalija

15 February 2023

Submarine cables are the backbone of the Internet and many other communication networks, connecting countries and continents around the world. As we rely increasingly on digital communication for business, financial a...