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Diplomacy: The art of the impossible

Milan Jazbec

17 April 2024

Diplomacy is a complex social process that generally involves implementing the foreign policy interests of the sending authority at the receiving one. As such, it depends on, and is also determined by, a given historical situation. Hence, many different definitions of diplomacy exist that do not contradict but complement each other. Therefore, researchers are encouraged […]

How does identity impact segregation?

Aldo Matteucci

10 April 2024

How does identity impact segregation, and how do fractals come into play? Join the discussion to uncover the complex interplay shaping our cities.

Reaffirming the foundations of diplomacy: The brighter side of the Mexican embassy incident

Jovan Kurbalija

The blog discusses the breach of diplomatic premises at the Mexican Embassy in Quito involving the protection of Jorge Glas, former vice president of Ecuador. This incident challenges the long-standing tradition of diplomatic immunity and diplomatic asylum in Latin America. The unified response of Latin American countries, led by condemnation and legal action by Mexico, is seen as a positive step towards upholding respect for international law and diplomacy. The situation highlights the importance of preserving diplomatic norms and the tradition of protecting messengers in the face of evolving challenges to diplomatic relations.

How do problem-solving and rules impact decision-making?

Aldo Matteucci

03 April 2024

How do rules and problem-solving impact our choices? In this post, Aldo Matteucci explores how our decisions are influenced by intuition, creative thinking, and the unwritten laws of social conduct.

Tribute to Frans de Waal: Can primates teach us how to stop the wars in Gaza and Ukraine?

Jovan Kurbalija

This is a tribute to Frans de Waal, renowned primatologists. He scientifically demonstrated that primates have emotions, a sense of fairness, and the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.

What is revolution?

Aldo Matteucci

26 March 2024

Is revolution feasible today or merely theoretical? From Hegel to Hannah Arendt and Marx, Aldo Matteucci looks at the concept through historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives.

Beyond print: How books evolve in the age of AI acceleration

Jovan Kurbalija

The blog discusses the challenges faced by traditional publishing in keeping up with the rapid pace of technological advancements and societal changes. It proposes a two-speed approach to book publishing, integrating real-time updates with annual reflections, to balance timeliness and depth. Embracing multimedia elements in publishing is also recommended to cater to evolving preferences. The blog emphasizes the importance of adapting research and publishing practices to address the current speed of change, ensuring quality alongside quantity in academic output. Diplo's experiments in new publishing methods, focusing on cognitive proximity, aim to reshape knowledge sharing in the digital age.

Eisenhower’s Cold War strategy and the Dulles brothers

Aldo Matteucci

18 March 2024

Aldo Matteucci analyses the rise of WWII totalitarian ideologies, the challenges of the postwar period, and the Cold War strategies by Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers.

‘Yes Minister’ as the novel Turing Test for advanced AI

Jovan Kurbalija

The message discusses updating the Turing Test to assess advanced AI against human capabilities, using the British sitcom 'Yes Minister' as a novel benchmark. It highlights the complexities of human communication and bureaucratic language, focusing on the witty and evasive dialogues of characters like Sir Humphrey Appleby. The text underlines the challenges AI faces in replicating human intelligence, humor, and social dynamics, emphasizing the importance of advancing AI capabilities while recognizing the irreplaceable value of human creativity and insight.

Hitler’s impact: Catalysing Europe’s fall and USA’s rise to power

Aldo Matteucci

08 March 2024

How did Hitler's actions accelerate Europe's decline and catalyse the USA's ascent to global dominance? Aldo Matteucci analyses.