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Diplo in the Media

Diplo in the Media showcases links to features and articles by Diplo’s lecturers, staff, and associates in public media. Diplo’s global team of lecturers, researchers, and practising diplomats provide unique expertise in modern diplomatic issues.

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The article quotes excerpts from Diplo's blog 2023 predictions: 12 digital governance and diplomacy trends, in particular with reference to the section IBSA digital moment(um).

Written by Devesh K. Pandey for The Hindu (9 March 2023).

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In this opinion piece, Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo; Head, Geneva Internet Platform) and Asoke Mukerji (former Permanent Representative of India to the UN; Senior fellow, Diplo) discuss how India, Brazil, and South Africa can spur digital and data governance and inspire new ideas and approaches for an effective interplay between development, democracy, and diplomacy.

The article is behind a paywall.

Written by Jovan Kurbalija and Asoke Mukerji (2 March 2023).

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In this article (in Serbian) Diplo's Arvin Kamberi talks about the plans from central banks to move to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and updates on virtual currency development.

Written by Milica Rilak for Biznis.rs (26 January 2023)


In the article, Diplo's Arvin Kamberi talks about regulatory actions to prevent the misuse of cryptocurrency.

Written by Bojan Stojkovski for The Recursive (23 January 2023)

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In the article (in Serbian), Diplo's cryptocurrency expert Arvin Kamberi talks about bad actors in the cryptocurrency arena, cryptoscams, security breaches, and bad practices leading to the theft of digital assets.

Written by Slobodan Maričić for BBC (Serbia) (13 January 2023)

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The article (available in English and Serbian), based on an interview with Vladimir Radunović (Director of Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy, Diplo) discusses cybersecurity and diplomacy, digital policy, the EU regulatory framework, and more. The full video interview is also available here (in Serbian).

Written by Marija Stojadinović for Web Mind (29 December 2022)