Diplo’s regional office in Belgrade has always been guided by the motto ‘Think global, act local’. This approach translates into keeping a keen eye on global developments in digital governance while actively seeking to support local dialogue and help raise awareness regarding digital matters.

Western Balkans (WB) and Southeastern Europe (SEE) remains a central focus for Diplo as we work towards enhancing the influence of small and developing states in international affairs. We achieve this by offering capacity development programmes in digital diplomacy, internet governance, and technology regulation.

Diplo has consistently supported effective regional participation and meaningful engagement in international and regional governance and policy development through a range of capacity-building initiatives. We aim to empower regional stakeholders, enabling them to play an impactful role on the global stage.

Below, you can find more information on events, articles, and resources in Diplo’s tripartite digital diplomacy methodology: GEOPOLITICS, TOPICS, and TOOLS.

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Diplo’s various resources and blogs on Southeastern Europe’s digital diplomacy and other related topics.