Young Faces Conference: Strategic cybersecurity policy development in Southeast Europe

29 November 2016 - 01 December 2016

Belgrade, Serbia

16th Young Faces Conference, with a thematic focus on “Strategic cybersecurity policy development in Southeast Europe”, was organised by DCAF in cooperation with DiploFoundation.

The Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), in cooperation with DiploFoundation, organised the 16th Young Faces Workshop on “Strategic cybersecurity policy development in Southeast Europe”. This year’s programme developed participants’ understanding of challenges in cybersecurity governance through a distance learning component and one three-day workshop.

The workshop gathered 25 participants from Southeast Europe, including Croatia and Moldova. Participants explored best practices and relevant tools for developing and implementing cybersecurity policies through interactive sessions, where experts in the field led them through an identification of stakeholders and facilitated discussions on best approaches to developing cybersecurity policies in the region.

The participants will continue their contribution to the Young Faces Network with the submission on Policy Briefs on selected topics, which will be published on the DCAF Young Faces Network webpage.

The workshop is another in a series under the DCAF Southeast Europe Regional Young Faces Network, which brings together young professionals from Southeast Europe who want to increase their knowledge on security sector reform (SSR). The programme is a follow-up to the regional Cybersecurity Winter School that took place in 2014, and the online course on cybersecurity for the SEE that took place in 2015.