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Supporting regional internet governance dialogue

Event description

Over the years, Diplo’s regional office has actively engaged in and promoted regional conversations surrounding digital technology and its broader societal implications. This involvement has taken the form of organising capacity-building programs, supporting the activities of regional Internet Governance Forum (IGF) discussions, and actively participating in diverse events. The ultimate objective has been to enhance awareness and understanding of these issues at the regional level.

SEEDIG – South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) is an officially recognised subregional multistakeholder Internet Governance Forum on Internet and digital policy issues.

  • Diplo and its stakeholders have supported this regional dialogue, with its stakeholders actively supporting, influencing and participating in seminars, events and workshops.  

IGF Serbia –  The Serbian Internet Governance Forum (IGF Serbia), from 2022, is part of the NRI network of the global IGF, and represents the continuation of national discussions on digital policies and Internet governance.

  • Diplo was one of the co-organisers, and its stakeholders participated in the sessions.

BHIGF – Bosnia and Herzegovina Internet Governance Forum

  • Diplo participated in the third annual Bosnia and Herzegovina Internet Governance Forum (BHIGF) meeting held in Sarajevo.

The Belgrade Security Forum is one of the biggest regional gatherings where influential stakeholders come together to engage in discussions regarding foreign affairs and security policy within the Balkans and Europe. DiploFoundation actively took part in multiple sessions during the forum, over the years.