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Blockchain lecture for students in Belgrade

27 October 2017 -

Belgrade, Serbia

Event description

Diplo will organise an interactive lecture on Blockchain technology and its application, for students and young practitioners based in Serbia.

The lecture on blockchain will be delivered by Arvin Kamberi, Diplo’s blockchain and cryptocurrencies expert, and curator of the Digital Watch observatory for Internet governance and digital policy.

Some of the questions which will be addressed include:

  • How did the idea for a digital payment system on the Internet come about?
  • What are the advantages of decentralised systems?
  • What is the Bitcoin system of payments?
  • What is Blockchain and how is it created?
  • What other uses there are for Blockchain technology?

The lecture will be followed by a presentation about Diplo’s Digital Art Corner, a specific exhibition format that connects the spheres of contemporary art with digital policy.

Applications are open for students and young practitioners based in Serbia.