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Simulation exercise during OSCE Chairmanship Event in Belgrade

30 October 2015 -

Belgrade, Serbia

Event description

DiploFoundation has organised a ‘scenario exercise’ as part of the OSCE Chairmanship Event on Effective Strategies to Cyber/ICT Security Threats. The Chairmanship Event took place in Belgrade, Serbia on 29-30 October, whereas the exercise took place on Friday 30th October.

The training was open to representatives from OSCE participating States as well as representatives from the private and civil sector based in OSCE participating States.

The exercise aimed at providing a ‘hands-on’ understanding of the practical aspects of OSCE Confidence Building Measures, and at exploring the different competences of stakeholders from the public and private sectors, both on policy and on technical levels. The exercise also aimed at discussing national, regional and international communication lines between relevant stakeholders to reduce the risks of misperception or tension between States that may stem from the use of ICTs, and to identify potential obstacles and communication gaps that could hinder co-ordination and cross-border cooperation in case of cyber incidents.

The exercise included a simulation where participants were asked to explore, review and discuss communication lines which would be normally taken into consideration when responding to a cyber incident.

New: Video of the imaginary scenario is available here:

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Summary of the exercise in the form of the OSCE Cybersecurity Toolkit (swiss knife). Lessons learned from the simulation exercise are available here.

Additionally, DiploFoundation organised a CyberLab to give workshop participants the opportunity of gaining a deeper understanding of how the Internet works and what some of the emerging trends are. CyberLab presentation included: 3D printing, BitCon, DarkWeb and ‘Deniel of Services attack’.

Simulation exercise and CyberLab were organised with the support of the Swiss government.

New: Photos from the event.

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