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SEE digital policy hub

Event description

The SEE digital policy hub, established by DiploFoundation and the South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG), served as a platform for deliberations on matters pertaining to internet governance. It operated as a segment of DiploFoundation’s global monthly briefings on internet governance, offering updates on significant developments within the field.

Its primary objective is to create a space where stakeholders can engage in discussions concerning internet governance in the South Eastern European region. The SEE Hub hosts events and dialogues that encompass topics such as cybersecurity, digital rights, and the societal impacts of emerging technologies. The overarching aim of this initiative is to encourage dialogue and collaboration among regional stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of formulating policies and practices that foster a safe, secure, and open internet environment.

This project was active from 2015 to 2017 and was a joint effort between DiploFoundation and SEEDIG.