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Presentation by Dr Jovan Kurbalija at the Belgrade Seminar on ‘Excellence in Diplomacy’

12 December 2012 - 14 December 2012


Event description

Dr. Jovan Kurbalija delivered presentation on diplomatic excellence in the Internet era at the 5th Seminar on “Excellence in Diplomacy – Young Leadership Diplomatis Seminar” held on 12-14 December 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia.


The Diplomatic Academy ‘Koca Popovic’ of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia will organize an international seminar for young diplomats ‘Excellence in Diplomacy’ in cooperation with the MFA Sector for the European Union. The Seminar will be held for the fifth consecutive year, from 12 to 14 December 2012, in Belgrade.

The participants, as in previous years, will be the best attendants of diplomatic academies and diplomatic institutes, as well as outstanding young diplomats from the ministries of foreign affairs of European countries and countries of the region.

This international gathering, which has been organized continuously since 2008, is devoted to encouragement of excellence in diplomacy and new trends in modern diplomacy. This year’s seminar will focus on two topics: How to become an excellent diplomat & The kind of diplomacy the world needs today.  Eminent Serbian and foreign diplomats will lecture on excellence in diplomacy and specifics of the diplomatic profession.