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Drazen Pehar

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War, diplomacy, and ‘dediscoursation’

In one of his most advanced reflections on diplomacy (147: Is war a biological trait?) Aldo Matteucci eloquently discussed one issue which is of key importance to diplomatic theory and practice, the issue of the cause...

Online negotiating: an evolutionary step forward?

Imagine that, for some reason, as of today all diplomatic negotiations have to be conducted online, through chat-rooms or ‘hypertext’ for instance, and in writing; diplomats start to exploit the Internet resources...

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Leaders’ rhetoric and preventive diplomacy – issues we are ignorant about

Analysis of the rhetoric that leaders use to explain, justify, and pre-program their foreign policies seems to offer a sound basis for diplomatic prevention of armed conflicts. There are two reasons for believing that...

02 Aug, 2002

Historical rhetoric and diplomacy – An uneasy cohabitation

Eloquentiam esse,...cuius fraude damnentur interim boni, consilia ducantur in peius, nec seditiones modo turbaeque populares sed bella etiam inexpiabilia excitentur...Quo quidem modo, nec duces erunt utiles nec magist...

03 Aug, 2001

Use of ambiguities in peace agreements

In this paper I will talk about ambiguous language as it is used in peace agreements. I use the term \"peace agreement\" somewhat broadly to refer to agreements that resolve conflicts of interest of any kind, not only...

03 Aug, 2001