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Language and Diplomacy

Year: 2001


Preface: Jovan Kurbalija and Hannah Slavik

  1. To Joke or Not To Joke: A Diplomatic Dilemma in the Age of Internet – Peter Serracino-Inglott
  2. Use of Language in Diplomacy – Stanko Nick
  3. Language and Diplomacy – Kamel S. Abu Jaber
  4. Language and Diplomacy – A Practitioner’s View – Aldo Matteucci
  5. Language and Negotiation: A Middle East Lexicon – Raymond Cohen
  6. Talking to Americans: Problems of Language and Diplomacy – Paul Sharp
  7. Language, Signaling and Diplomacy – Kishan S. Rana
  8. Historical Rhetoric and Diplomacy – An Uneasy Cohabitation – Drazen Pehar
  9. Language Setting the Stage for Diplomacy; Diplomacy Based on Interpretation, Rhetoric and Ethics; Philosophical Considerations – Benoit Girardin
  10. Ambiguity Versus Precision: The Changing Role of Terminology in Conference Diplomacy – Norman Scott
  11. Use of Ambiguities in Peace Agreements – Drazen Pehar
  12. Texts in Diplomacy – Dietrich Kappeler
  13. Documenting Diplomacy, Evaluating Documents: the Case of the CSCE – Keith Hamilton
  14. Pragmatics in Diplomatic Exchanges – Edmond Pascual
  15. Deconstruction and the Undoing of Diplomacy: A Case Study Involving the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations – Ivan Callus and Ruben Borg
  16. The Languages of the Knights: Legislation, Administration and Diplomacy in a Multilingual State (14th-16th Centuries) – Joseph M. Brincat
  17. Applying the Pedagogy of Positiveness to Diplomatic Communication – Francisco Gomes de Matos
  18. Setting Priorities for a World Language Initiative – Donald F. Sola
  19. Interpretation and Diplomacy – Vicki Ann Cremona and Helena Mallia
  20. Hypertext in Diplomacy – Jovan Kurbalija

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