Dr Jovan Kurbalija
2014, DiploFoundation (6th edition)
Paperback, 204 pages ISBN: 978-99932-53-28-0

[New] The sixth edition of An Introduction to Internet Governance has just been translated to French and Thai. It is also being translated into Spanish and Russian.

Although Internet governance deals with the core of the digital world, governance cannot be handled with the digital-binary logic of the true or false, or good or bad. Instead, the subject demands many subtleties and shades of meaning and perception, requiring an analogue approach, covering a continuum of options and compromises. The aim of the book An Introduction to Internet Governance, by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, is to provide a comprehensive overview of the main issues and actors in the field through a practical framework for analysis, discussion, and resolution of significant issues.


The fourth edition is available in Serbian/BCSFrenchArmenian and Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Translated versions of an earlier version of the book, titled Internet governance: Issues, Actors and Divides, are available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.

If you are interested in translating this latest edition, please contact Mina Mudric

An Introduction to Internet Governance provides an excellent entry point. It has introduced many diplomats and officials to this emerging field of global policy. For others, it will stimulate reflections from linguistic, legal, and other perspectives. This book clearly shows that although the Internet is a ‘technical’ invention, its governance is far from simply a technical issue. Kurbalija’s book highlights the legal, social, linguistic, and economic perspectives of Internet governance. It is an impressive introduction to this emerging field of global policy.

Nitin Desai, former Chair of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)



Rick @ Paperles... (not verified)

Corporate governance is taking it too far on many occasions, the Interet is the last bastion of freedom and unfettered thought sharing and interactivity. Lets hope the government stays out and lets free markets rule the Internet space into perpituity.

Sean Drick (not verified)

Will there be an undated version of this book? I've searched and the latest I've found is 2010..?


Editor's picture

Dear Sean, thanks for your interest. The 4th edition of the book is being revised. The 5th edition is expected to be ready very soon. We will upload a digital version of the book once it is available. Thanks.

SBS Consulting (not verified)

I would like to read this book. Any source of it on where to buy?


SBS Group SG

Editor's picture

Thanks for your interest. You can download the latest edition in English here, or access the online version here.

John Otieno Okach (not verified)

Dear Participants,

Internet governance is not well understood by many users in Kenya.They keep asking me what is internet governanace and what use does it have to the consumers?

The same issue is not also understood even by many goverment officials in Kenya who live in an environement with all the facilities.

I think that this training on Introduction to Internet Governance which is beginning next week on the 11th is really needed and l would request the outhorities to permit participants from less developed countries to learn more about this subject.


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