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By Arvin Kamberi on 28 May 2018 | From the channel/s: 

Last year’s rise in the price of cryptocurrency, and the emergence of a new way for collecting money from the public - Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) - introduced a massive rise of the cryptocurrency market valuation.

By Mads Mateusz Jaszczolt Fritzboeger on 2 May 2018 | From the channel/s: 

In May 2017, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark appointed the

By Pavlina Ittelson on 30 Apr 2018 | From the channel/s: 

The tech industry of the US California Bay Area has an unprecedented impact on the digital world.

By Robert Aquilina on 8 Apr 2018 | From the channel/s: 

The normal business cycle of a company operating across borders – such as Internet companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook – involves offering goods or services for a profit, paying taxes, and reinvesting the money.

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By Editor on 3 Apr 2018 | From the channel/s: 

The Cambridge Analytica case putting Facebook and other Internet companies under scrutiny, taxation issues in focus again as the European Commision issues tax proposals and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) releases interim report, and autonomous car accident raisi

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By Sorina Teleanu on 25 Mar 2018 | From the channel/s: 

The increasingly digitalised world, the sharing economy, and the ongoing developments in automation and AI bring changes to the world of work.

By Stefania Grottola and Clement Perarnaud on 20 Mar 2018 | From the channel/s: 

In the USA, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act) is proposing to establish a new framework for authorities to access data stored abroad and thus amend the Stored Communications A

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By Marília Maciel on 19 Mar 2018 | From the channel/s: 

Liberal trade has been challenged by a surge of protectionist measures in many parts of the world, incl

By Francesca Casalini and Stefania Di Stefano on 15 Mar 2018 | From the channel/s: 

Microsoft has acknowledged that ‘the world needs new international rules to protect the public from nation state threats in cyberspace, and that ‘in short, the world needs a


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