In search of the most sustainable and coherent diplomatic approaches to addressing the fundamental challenges Small States (including Small Island States or SIDS) perennially face in an uncertain world of hegemonic giants

Small states, in every sphere of natural and human activity, are negatively and disproportionately impacted by crises, when compared to their hegemonic, larger and stronger counterparts.
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Philip J. Perinchief
This dissertation is a study not only of small states vis-a-vis larger states; but also of how strong, not as strong and failing small states, approach the fundamental challenges, including globalization, they face daily. The key argument of this dissertation however is, “given the individual circumstances of the ’targeted’ small states; whether it is at all possible, or desirable, to construct the most optimal, sustainable, and coherent ‘diplomatic toolset,’ to assist these small states in successfully overcoming these challenges”. In this regard, this study proposes identifying and extracting the ‘common or core’ factors that transformed selected small states from ‘weak’ states into ‘stronger’ states. These ‘common or core factors’ would then, as far as that is feasible and acceptable, be adapted to the circumstances of the ‘targeted’ small states.  Subsequently, for progress, these small states’ ‘diplomatic architecture’ would be aligned, or correlated, as perfectly as is possible, with their domestic and foreign policies. These small states would then be encouraged to apply informed hard work, training, patience, discipline, vision; and to join ‘low-risk’ alliances.

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