Types of diplomacy

There are 136 uses of the term diplomacy in three contexts:


Types of Diplomacy Diplomacy & Geopolitics Diplomatic Topics Diplomatic Methods & Tools
AI Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Aid Diplomacy
Amarna Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Ancient Diplomacy
Animal Diplomacy Yes
Art Diplomacy Yes Yes
Big Stick Diplomacy Yes
Bilateral Diplomacy Yes
Biodiversity Diplomacy Yes
Blockchain Diplomacy Yes
Byzantine Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Cable Diplomacy Yes Yes
Carbon Diplomacy Yes
Carpet Diplomacy Yes
Caviar Diplomacy Yes
Chip Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Citizen Diplomacy Yes
City Diplomacy Yes
Civil Diplomacy Yes
Climate Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Coercive Diplomacy Yes Yes
Coffee Diplomacy Yes
Cold War Diplomacy Yes Yes
Conference Diplomacy Yes
Consular Diplomacy Yes
Covid Diplomacy Yes
Crisis Diplomacy Yes
Crypto Diplomacy Yes Yes
Cultural Diplomacy Yes Yes
Cyber Diplomacy Yes
Data Diplomacy Yes Yes
Debt Diplomacy Yes Yes
Development Diplomacy Yes Yes
Diaspora Diplomacy Yes Yes
Digital Diplomacy Yes YesYes
Disaster Diplomacy Yes Yes
Dog Diplomacy Yes
Dollar Diplomacy Yes
Dubovnik Diplomacy Yes
Earthquake Diplomacy Yes
Education Diplomacy Yes Yes
Environmental Diplomacy Yes Yes
Exibition Diplomacy Yes
Expo Diplomacy Yes
Facebook Diplomacy Yes
Fado Diplomacy Yes
Food Diplomacy Yes Yes
Funeral Diplomacy Yes
Fusion Diplomacy Yes
Gastronomic Diplomacy Yes
Gender Diplomacy Yes
Gift Diplomacy
Grain Diplomacy Yes
Grasroot Diplomacy Yes
Gulf Diplomacy Yes
Gumboot Diplomacy Yes
Gunboat Diplomacy Yes
Hard Diplomacy Yes
Health Diplomacy Yes
Hostage Diplomacy Yes
Humanitarian Diplomacy Yes
Hybrid Diplomacy Yes
ICT Diplomacy Yes
Instagram Diplomacy Yes
Inter-faith Diplomacy Yes
Internet Diplomacy Yes
Investment Diplomacy Yes
Language Diplomacy Yes Yes
Lunar Diplomacy Yes
Maritime Diplomacy Yes
Mediaval Diplomacy Yes
Metaverse Diplomacy Yes
Middle East Diplomacy Yes
Military Diplomacy Yes Yes
Missionary Diplomacy Yes
Mob Diplomacy Yes
Modern Diplomacy Yes
Moon Diplomacy Yes Yes
Multilateral Diplomacy Yes
Multistakeholder Diplomacy Yes
Music Diplomacy Yes
Nuclear Diplomacy Yes
Ocean Diplomacy Yes
Oil Diplomacy Yes
Olympics Diplomacy Yes
Online Diplomacy Yes Yes
Open Diplomacy Yes
Ozone Diplomacy Yes
Panda Diplomacy Yes
Parliamentary Diplomacy Yes
Particle Diplomacy Yes
Peace Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
People-to-People Diplomacy Yes
Ping-Pong Diplomacy Yes
Pizza Diplomacy Yes
Preventive Diplomacy Yes Yes
Proxy Diplomacy Yes
Quantum Diplomacy Yes Yes
Region Diplomacy Yes
Religious Diplomacy Yes
Rennaisance Diplomacy Yes
Row material diplomacy Yes
Sand Diplomacy Yes
Satellite Diplomacy Yes
Sauna Diplomacy Yes
Science Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Secret Diplomacy Yes
Semiconductor Diplomacy Yes
Shuttle Diplomacy Yes
Silent Diplomacy Yes
Soft Power Diplomacy Yes
Sound Diplomacy Yes
Space Diplomacy Yes
Sport Diplomacy Yes Yes
Sub-state Diplomacy Yes
Summit Diplomacy Yes
Tea Diplomacy Yes Yes
Tech Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Telegraph Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Toothless Diplomacy Yes
Track-Two Diplomacy Yes
Trade Diplomacy Yes
Triangular Diplomacy Yes
Twitter Diplomacy Yes
Vaccine Diplomacy Yes Yes
Venice Diplomacy Yes Yes
Virtual Diplomacy Yes
War Diplomacy Yes Yes Yes
Water Diplomacy Yes
Web Diplomacy Yes
Wolf Warrior Diplomacy Yes
Wrestling Diplomacy Yes
Yoga Diplomacy Yes
Youth Diplomacy Yes


Books on various types of diplomacy

Books on various types of diplomacy – Library of Jovan Kurbalija

Bilateral diplomacy is a type of diplomacy that involves two countries or entities engaging in direct negotiations and agreements. It is a form of international relations in which two countries or entities work together to resolve issues and create mutually beneficial outcomes. Bilateral diplomacy can involve a wide range of topics, from trade and security to cultural and environmental issues.

Multilateral diplomacy

Multilateral diplomacy is a form of international relations in which multiple countries work together to achieve a common goal. It involves using negotiations, dialogue, and other diplomatic tools to resolve disputes and promote cooperation between nations. Multilateral diplomacy is often used to address global issues such as climate change, poverty, and human rights.

Metaverse diplomacy is the practice of engaging in diplomatic activities and negotiations in virtual worlds, such as video games, virtual reality, and other online platforms. It involves using digital tools to facilitate communication between players, governments, and other stakeholders. It is a form of digital diplomacy that seeks to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

Public diplomacy is a type of diplomacy that focuses on engaging with the foreign public to build relationships and influence public opinion. It is a form of soft power which uses cultural, economic, and educational exchanges to build relationships and foster understanding between countries. Public diplomacy can also involve using media and other communication forms to reach foreign audiences.

Development diplomacy is a type of diplomacy that focuses on the use of diplomatic tools to promote economic and social development. It involves using diplomatic channels to facilitate international cooperation and collaboration on development-related issues, such as poverty reduction, health, education, and environmental protection. Development diplomacy also involves using diplomatic tools to support the implementation of development projects and initiatives.


Economic diplomacy is the use of economic instruments to achieve foreign policy objectives. It involves using economic tools such as trade, investment, finance, and development assistance to advance a country’s interests in the international arena. Economic diplomacy is used to promote economic growth, create jobs, and foster international cooperation. It can also be used to strengthen diplomatic ties between countries and to resolve disputes.

Cyber diplomacy is the use of digital technology and communication to facilitate international relations and diplomacy. It involves the use of digital tools such as social media, websites, and other online platforms to engage in diplomatic dialogue, build relationships, and promote international cooperation. Cyber diplomacy can also be used to address global issues such as cyber security, data privacy, and digital infrastructure.

Energy diplomacy is the use of diplomatic relations to promote and protect countries’ interests in the energy sector. It involves the coordination of energy policies between countries, as well as the negotiation of international agreements on energyrelated issues. Energy diplomacy also includes promoting energy security, reducing energy poverty, and promoting sustainable energy development.

Health diplomacy uses diplomatic tools to promote and protect global health. It involves using diplomatic strategies to address global health challenges, such as pandemics, access to healthcare, and health equity. Health diplomacy also involves international cooperation to improve global health outcomes.

Science diplomacy is using science and technology to build bridges between countries and promote international cooperation. It involves using scientific research, technology, and expertise to address global challenges like climate change, pandemics, and food security. Science diplomacy also fosters collaboration between scientists from different countries and promotes sharing knowledge and resources.

Sports diplomacy is using sports to promote international relations, peace, and understanding. It involves using sports to build bridges between countries, cultures, and people and foster dialogue and cooperation. Sports diplomacy can promote social and economic development, human rights, gender equality, and environmental protection. It can also be used to strengthen diplomatic ties between countries and to create a platform for dialogue on global issues.

Climate diplomacy is the use of diplomatic tools to address climate change. It involves engaging with other countries, international organizations, and nonstate actors to develop and implement policies and actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote climate resilience. Climate diplomacy also includes efforts to build international consensus on climate change, such as through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Education diplomacy is the use of education as a tool to promote international relations and foster mutual understanding between countries. It involves the exchange of students, faculty, and ideas between countries, as well as the development of educational initiatives that promote global understanding and collaboration. Education diplomacy can also involve the use of educational resources to support international development goals.

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