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Establishment of Public Diplomacy in Slovakia: An Effective New Approach

Year: 2010
It describes the challenge of establishing and occupying a legitimate and relevant place of PD in the Slovak foreign policy and activities. It points to a serious need of a having a unifying element in too general, fragmented and uncoordinated activities of most Slovak governmental and municipal institutions thus far. It claims that civil society and the private sector must be brought on board in order to include the entire spectrum of the Slovak society. If sustainability and credibility is to be achieved, fundamental values generated by the Slovak people must become a basis for any future strategic considerations in this area. Creating a distinguishable image of Slovakia in the fierce competition of other countries requires a consistent, diligent and patient effort by all relevant stakeholders. The paper pays special attention to the sometimes strained political relations between Slovakia and Hungary and argues for the greater use of PD to influence positive change. The paper concludes by suggesting that priority should be given to further development and modernization of the Slovak PD and that carefully elaborated and targeted PD should become an increasingly important asset for the Slovak foreign policy.

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