America’s Vaccine Diplomacy

Vaccine diplomacy is one of the fields of a wider agreement in, otherwise, highly polarised American society.

A recent survey conducted by the RAND Corporation, even before the rise of Omicron, shows that two-thirds of Americans agree that the United States should send extra vaccines to other countries. And nearly 60 percent of those surveyed agreed that if the United States does not help to fight the spread of Covid-19 in other countries through vaccine or monetary support, it will put the United States at risk.

Based on positive public support, the United States should play more proactive vaccine diplomacy, according to this article in the National Interest.

Besides contributing to global health, such efforts might inject much-needed goodwill to begin tackling thornier issues such as climate change, technology competition, and global security, where incentives of the various actors are not as aligned as they are with the pandemic.