Katharina Höne
Director of Research

Dr Katharina (Kat) E Höne researches, writes, and teaches on a number of issues in the area of diplomacy, global governance, and the impact of technology on international relations. Over the last years, she has focused on research at the intersection of diplomacy and technology. She was part of a research project on Data Diplomacy: Updating diplomacy to the big data era and the lead researcher and author of Mapping the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for the conduct of diplomacy report, both supported by the Ministry for Foreign of Affairs of Finland. In addition, she has more than 10 years of experience in teaching international relations at universities in the UK and Germany, and in delivering in-situ, blended, and online training to diplomatic practitioners. Kat holds an MA in Diplomatic Studies (University of Leicester, UK) and a PhD in International Politics (University of Aberystwyth, UK). In her work, she is driven by her aim to level the playing field at international negotiation tables through capacity development, and to provide out-of-the-box thinking and inspiration by drawing on her passion for science-fiction.


Data 2025 V.2.0 – Conference

23 Nov 20 - 23 Nov 20


CyberMediation conference

19 Nov 19 -


Diplo at AI for Good Gobal Summit

31 May 19 -


The UN World Data Forum 2018

22 Oct 18 - 24 Oct 18

United Arab Emirates

Diplo at MyData 2017

30 Aug 17 - 01 Sep 17

Diplo & GIP at WSIS Forum 2017

12 Jun 17 - 16 Jun 17


7th Model ASEM

06 Jul 16 - 10 Jul 16



[WebDebate #47 summary] Current diplomatic responses to COVID-19

12 May 2021

COVID-19 has posed tremendous challenges to diplomacy. Practices have had to be adapted, while diplomats have had to address the immediate crisis situation and work towards coordinated responses. In WebDebate #47 (4 M...

[Podcast] Diving into Digital #1: Tech and diplomacy in Silicon Valley

21 April 2021

Diplomacy · Diving into Digital #1 - Tech and Diplomacy in Silicon Valley This is the first episode of our new podcast series Diving into Digital: Diplo’s Podcast on Digital Foreign Policy. For the inaugural episo...

[WebDebate #45 summary] Visual storytelling for diplomatic practice

09 February 2021

Diplomacy is often thought of as a practice centering on language. Yet, the visual image of diplomatic practice is increasingly important in a world in which images proliferate and videoconferencing has replaced face-...

[WebDebate #44 summary] Diplomacy in times of COVID-19: The experience of developing countries

23 December 2020

This year has posed a tremendous challenge to diplomats. The impact of COVID-19 is felt in almost all areas of international relations. At the same time, there are various challenges to the conduct of diplomacy and ho...



Namibia’s Digital Foreign Policy and Diplomacy (Briefing Paper #3)

This briefing paper emerged from Diplo's participation in Namibia's Foreign Policy Review Conference (July 2016). In this paper, Dr Katharina E. Höne suggests a three-pronged approach to Namibia's digital foreign policy and diplomacy, and looks at the discourse on inf... Read more...

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DiploDialogue – Metaphors for Diplomats

On Diplo’s blog, in Diplo’s classrooms, and at Diplo’s events, dialogues stretch over a series of entries, comments, and exchanges and may even linger. DiploDialogue summarises. It’s like in sports events: DiploDialogue aims to bring focus by deleting what, in ... Read more...

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What Diplomats Do: The Life and Work of Diplomats

Sir Brian Barder’s book What Diplomats Do offers comprehensive insight into the life and work of diplomats. It deserves to be read by practitioners and aspiring practitioners of diplomacy, by students and teachers of diplomacy, and by anyone interested in what diplom... Read more...

What Diplomats Do: The Life and Work of Diplomats


Guerrilla Diplomacy: Rethinking International Relations

In a previous book review for DiploFoundation, Petru Dumitriu described G. R. Berridge’s Diplomacy: Theory and Practice as 'a Robinson Crusoe’s book on diplomacy'. Suppose one is left on a deserted island and allowed only one book to study diplomacy; in that case, ... Read more...

guerrilla diplomacy1


Mediation and artificial intelligence: Notes on the future of international conflict resolution

Over the last years AI has emerged as a hot topic with regard to its impact on our political, social, and economic lives.... Read more...

Mediation and artificial intelligence: Notes on the future of international conflict resolution


The future of (multilateral) diplomacy? Changes in response to COVID-19 and beyond

The year 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN). It is also the year that the world was faced with responding to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, an unprecedented global challenge that has left no area of society and no individual ... Read more...

The future of (multilateral) diplomacy? Changes in response to COVID-19 and beyond


2021: The emergence of digital foreign policy

While digital tools, in particular social media, have been gradually introduced to the practice of diplomacy, many open questions remain regarding the impact of digitisation on foreign policy and the environment in which diplomacy is practised. This is where digital fo... Read more...

2021: The emergence of digital foreign policy