Tereza Horejsova
Director of Projects and Partnerships

Joining Diplo in 2012, Dr Tereza Horejsova has had an international career in academia and the non-governmental sector in the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Switzerland. She holds an MA in International Area Studies and a PhD in European Studies, both from the Charles University in Prague.

Tereza works on several capacity development activities in the field of digital policy, and is an advocate of bringing practical considerations of capacity building into the discussion. She is chair of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise’s (GFCE) Working Group on Cyber Security Culture and Skills, and a member of the Internet Governance Forum’s (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) where she cochairs the MAG Working Group on Hybrid Meetings. Tereza also serves as the executive director of Diplo US and is responsible for Diplo’s activities in the United States. She is based in Geneva.


Technology for Development

15 Dec 21 - 15 Dec 21

IGF 2021 Introductory Sessions

02 Nov 21 - 03 Nov 21

IGF 2019 Debrief Roundtable

11 Dec 19 -

United States

NASIG 2019

31 Oct 19 - 01 Nov 19


Diplo at the APrIGF 2019

16 Jul 19 - 19 Jul 19


Diplo at STI Forum 2019, New York

14 May 19 - 15 May 19

United States

The Battle for the Global Internet

27 Sep 18 -

United States

Diplo & GIP at RightsCon Toronto 2018

16 May 18 - 18 May 18


MAPPING Second General Assembly

31 Oct 16 - 02 Nov 16

Czech Republic

Diplo at IGMENA Summit

30 Sep 16 - 02 Oct 16



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