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New Partnership with Argentina for Diplomatic Training

Published on 12 September 2017
Updated on 05 April 2024

Diplo is pleased to announce a new partnership on diplomatic training with the National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN) of Argentina. This summer, the two institutions signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim to promote and develop mutual cooperation in the field of online diplomatic training. The memorandum of understanding was signed by the Director of ISEN, Ambassador Celeste Koch, who has attended two Diplo courses herself, experiencing the online learning methodology firsthand. On Diplo’s side, the memorandum was signed by Diplo’s Director, Dr Jovan Kurbalija.

The new partnership will allow ISEN to make use of Diplo’s online courses in diplomacy for training its diplomats located in the capital and at diplomatic missions worldwide. In addition, the institutions will share information on online diplomatic training initiatives, promote the development and delivery of online courses in areas of global governance, consider organising conferences, workshops and seminars on online diplomatic training, and explore ideas for jointly developing and delivering new online courses. 

Diplo has a similar partnership agreement with the Instituto Matias Romero of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has allowed for the traininig of some 60 Mexican diplomats each year over the last 12 years.

Over the last 10 years, some 30 participants from Argentina – several of them from the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs – have joined Diplo’s online courses and capacity development programmes on diplomacy, Internet governance, and humanitarian diplomacy (see Diplo’s alumni map).

Diplo looks forward to this new partnership and increased opportunities for interaction and cooperation with Argentina’s diplomatic service. 

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