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Melissa Pryce (not verified) October 14, 2017

A very good article, which sheds some much needed light on the importance of data to the economic growth and development of the Caribbean region. South- South cooperation and the sharing of best practices could go a long way in addressing some of the challenges associated with financing. Thanks for this thought provoking piece.

Rawl Prescott (not verified) October 15, 2017

Hi Melissa, I thank you for the comment which suggested an approach to addressing some of the challenges with financing. The approach, I believe, will lead to the continuous improvements of our systems and procedures, significant reduction in costs and an improvement of the skills of our data managers, who are also critical to the process.

Edison Jefford (not verified) October 19, 2017

Very insightful and an attempt at last to make relevant a global phenomenon in a Caribbean context. The importance of Data has been revolutionised following its elevation at the recently concluded US Elections and the role it ultimately played in perhaps deciding the outcome of that Elections. This article is giving us the economics of data development and importance of information technology in the world today. The Caribbean and Caricom needs this kind of insightful discussion to allow its varying sectors to catch up with the developed world. For instance, most Caricom countries still wait days after an election for results... in addition most of our societies remain cash-based when the world thrives on credit systems... these anomalies can be easily resolved with investment in data development and it is good to see the discussion at this informed level...

Jovan Kurbalija January 21, 2018

Thank you, Rawl for an excellent summary of data-related developments in the CARICOM region. In particular, your text is useful in reminding us that good statistics should not be forgotten in the era of big data. Namely, there is a risk that overall hype on big data may refocus discussion from developing statistical capacities which are still missing in many developing countries. Please keep us updated on the future data developments in the CARICOM region.

Rawl Prescott (not verified) February 12, 2018

Thanks for your insightful perspectives, Edison. You raise some critical issues that are worth exploring and attention by regional policies makers. I certainly home to transfer these discussions to our conference room to ensure they get the requisite attention and action.

Anonymous (not verified) February 12, 2018

You are welcomed, Jovan; and I will keep you updated.

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