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Staff talks: Data localisation: Impact on small business?

24 May 2019 -

Geneva, Switzerland

Event description

Staff talks explores a timely and relevant subject and its benefit to International Trade Centre (ITC) work and projects during a short 30-minute interactive conversation with staff, for staff. The talk usually involves three speakers, who can all be staff members or include external guests.

Staff talks will explore what role data localisation is playing for small businesses in developing countries related to trade. What are the challenges? What does the future hold in store? The discussion will evolve around the unintended consequences of e-commerce, and will look at both regulatory and technical aspects, including the question of ownership and security.

DiploFoundation’s Marilia Maciel will join the conversation on 24 May from 14:30 – 15:15 at the ITC in Geneva.

The session is an interactive talk-show style presentation, the audience can ask questions throughout the 45-minute long conversation.