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Workshop on digital diplomacy for small states

26 April 2018 -


Event description

This workshop for small states, co-organised with the Permanent Mission of Singapore to the UN in Geneva, will explore the practical use of open data for diplomats at small permanent missions, in the areas of public diplomacy, information gathering, and reporting. It will draw on tools and applications that are freely available and easy to use, anchoring the concept of data into diplomatic reality.

Digital diplomacy for small states

26 April 2018 | 9:00-16:00 | 2nd floor, WMO building


Data is often described as a critical resource of modern society, or even the oil of the new economy. Vast amounts of data are generated daily through the use of electronic devices and the Internet, and a lot of this data is publicly available, able to create insights that were hitherto unavailable. This raises the question: what is the potential of data and digitalisation for diplomats?

Small states with relatively limited geographical, human, and financial resources are often faced with the challenge of being charged with similar information gathering and reporting duties as larger states. Using data, and particularly publicly available data, might mitigate this challenge and make small states’ representations more efficient and effective.

The workshop will explore a number of areas in which data and digitalisation can make a difference for the missions of small states. 


Participation to the workshop is open to diplomats working at permanent missions in Geneva. Please get in touch with Ms Barbara Rosen Jacobson, programme manager, at to register.