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Online community engagement as a strategic tool: Mission possible

Michaela Anna Simakova

The hands-on reflection of this blog post distils a couple of key success factors from a mature example of a digital journey of the alumni community of the College of Europe, a leading postgraduate institute for Europ...

Zoom as a complementary teaching tool in DiploFoundation’s online courses

Andre Saramago

In recent years, DiploFoundation has received a growing number of calls from course participants to include video interaction in our online courses. This post reflects briefly on the use of Zoom meetings in Diplo’s ...

Speech Generator: Main AI technologies

Jovan Njegić

On 21 September, DiploFoundation launched the humAInism Speech Generator as part of its humAInism project. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and the expertise of Diplo’s cybersecurity team, this t...

September: The start of the diplomatic year

Jovan Kurbalija

Unveiling a series of new events and tools for policy practitioners There’s more than one reason why September feels fresh. The equinox marks a change in the seasons. Schools, offices, and parliaments resume thei...

Training and courses

Multilateral Diplomacy

Starting 09 May 22


Starting 10 Oct 22

Economic Diplomacy

Starting 10 Oct 22

Public Diplomacy

Starting 21 Feb 22

Capacity Development

Starting 21 Feb 22


Launch of the Geneva Digital Atlas

30 Nov 20 - 30 Nov 20


Launch: Digital Watch weekly digest

28 Sep 20 - 28 Sep 20


Launch: New Digital Watch observatory

14 Sep 20 - 14 Sep 20


Diplo at the APrIGF 2019

16 Jul 19 - 19 Jul 19


2nd Western Balkans Digital Summit

03 Apr 19 - 05 Apr 19


The Battle for the Global Internet

27 Sep 18 -

United States

Diplo & GIP at RightsCon Toronto 2018

16 May 18 - 18 May 18


Geneva Internet L@w Summer School 2018

18 Jun 18 - 29 Jun 18


Diplo at State of the Net Conference

29 Jan 18 -

United States

Joint Civil Society Meeting 2017

16 Dec 17 -


Governing the Future of the Internet

25 Sep 17 -

United States

Balkan School on Internet Governance 2017

21 Aug 17 - 25 Aug 17

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Diplo at Cyber Week 2017

25 Jun 17 - 29 Jun 17


MAPPING Second General Assembly

31 Oct 16 - 02 Nov 16

Czech Republic

Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015

16 Apr 15 - 17 Apr 15


Diplo @ African Internet/ICT Week

04 Dec 13 - 06 Dec 13


Online Learning Day

17 Apr 13 -


Arab Internet Governance Consultations

05 Mar 13 -

United Arab Emirates

Training Workshop in Internet Governance and Diplomacy

27 Jun 12 - 28 Jun 12

Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICANN43 Costa Rica

10 Mar 12 - 17 Mar 12

Costa Rica

IG Workshop at IDLELO 5 Abuja, Nigeria

22 Mar 12 - 24 Mar 12


EuroDIG meeting takes place in Belgrade

30 May 11 - 31 May 11


EuroDIG kicks off in Belgrade

30 May 11 - 31 May 11


ICT policy and IG workshop in Pretoria

12 Apr 11 - 14 Apr 11

South Africa

Workshop on Internet Governance

12 Nov 10 - 13 Nov 10

Trinidad and Tobago

Workshops on Internet Governance

25 Aug 10 - 02 Sep 10


EuroDIG 2009

14 Sep 09 - 15 Sep 09


Online Learning in Diplomacy

29 May 06 - 30 May 06




E-teaching social programmes

'I had to use all possible means of getting people to participate actively in the programme... What learning style does a person have? Is it part of his or her culture or not? These were the questions for which I looked to find answers.' - Veronica Cretu from Moldova... Read more...


The benefits of e-learning

'There is a difference from taking a physical course, and some nuances of real-world, human interaction were missing. Yet, in a way, this difference helped me to concentrate better... in e-learning, one can stay more focused...' - Janyl Bokonbaeva from Kyrgyzstan... Read more...


Exploring the benefits of digital education

'The government of Nigeria is making a giant stride to improve the situation by rolling out programs that would in one form or the other include Information Technology in the curriculum of primary and secondary students.' - Ijeoma Ogbuagu from Nigeria... Read more...


Emerging Leaders for a Digital World (2011): Dalsie Greenrose Kalna Baniala from Vanuatu

‘With the number of training courses I have attended, including attending the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), I have learnt a lot.’... Read more...


Opening one’s eyes to opportunity

'John Walubengo introduced me to KictaNET... I got involved in ICT and... what it could do at a time when Kenya was revising its national ICT policy...' - Judith Okite from Kenya... Read more...


The e-learning experience

'My vision for Malawi is to have educational institutions connected to the Internet and to each other. This would provide for reduction in cost, as we would... use lecturers/teachers from other institutions to teach students across the country...' - Ulemu Nyasulu from ... Read more...


Marrying education with ICT

‘It is necessary to ensure the responsible use of technology and to stress the innovation and knowledge sharing that technology allows over the opportunity for piracy, slander, and other ‘negative’ activities’ - Arlene Buckmire-Outram from Grenada... Read more...