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CENSURE – Twitter et Facebook font la loi. Mais de quel droit?

28 January 2021


Event description

CENSORSHIP – Twitter and Facebook make the law. But by what right?

Thursday, 28th January, 12:15 CET

[UPDATE] The event recording is available here.

By censoring or excluding the (now former) president of the United States Donald Trump from their platforms, Twitter and Facebook assumed extraordinary powers. By what right? And is this good or dangerous for democracy? 

The online event, which translates to ‘CENSORSHIP – Twitter and Facebook make the law. But by what right?’ will discuss the rights and duties of social networks in light of the recent censorship on online platforms.

This event is organised by the  Geneva Press Club (Club suisse de la presse) and will be held on Thursday, 28th January, at 12:15 CET.

Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, DiploFoundation; Head, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)) will participate in this discussion.