Moi Moi, an African Restaurant, Fosters Unity through the Culinary Art of Food Diplomacy.

Chef Howsoon Cham, known as “H.O.,” embodies the American Dream, having come to the U.S. from Gambia at 18. After graduating from Bethany College and training under James Beard award-winning chef Cindy Wolf, Cham established Moi Moi, a Northwest D.C. restaurant. Moi Moi serves as a platform for uniting Africans and African Americans through the universal language of food. Cham acknowledges the historical connections between food, slavery, and history, emphasizing the restaurant’s role in bridging cultural gaps.

Moi Moi, located at 1627 K Street NW, goes beyond offering Gambian cuisine, featuring diverse options from Nigerian and Liberian traditions. Cham sees Moi Moi as a starting point for Black Americans seeking to reconnect with their African heritage, providing a culinary tour of West Africa.

The restaurant’s ambiance extends beyond the food, incorporating a carefully curated playlist of Afrobeats with music from acclaimed artists like Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido. Moi Moi aims to create an immersive experience that celebrates unity and cultural diversity through the fusion of food and music.

Davido actively promotes cultural exchange and unity through music, launching the “Are We African Yet?” festival in November 2023 to celebrate culture and combat stereotypical portrayals of Africa. He emphasizes the importance of showcasing African designers and presenting a more nuanced view of the continent. Chef Howsoon Cham shares a similar goal of bringing people together through food and culture, aiming to foster moments of enjoyment and cultural exchange with African cuisine. Cham expresses a dream of hosting President Joe Biden, aligning with the administration’s focus on increasing diaspora engagement. Both Davido and Cham share a commitment to breaking stereotypes and building connections among people through their respective platforms.