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Generative AI models – a fun game that can easily get out of hand? 

Anja Đajić

All your friends have replaced their social media profile pictures with AI-generated avatars, but you do not know where they got them from? Or are you wondering what exactly people are talking ab...

Cyberattacked: Who do you call?

Jovan Kurbalija

  Almost noone! Or, more accurately, there is no single emergency telephone numbe...

Cyber-Panopticism: A perilous techno-political issue

Akanksha Singh

The global cyber security environment is confronted with a variety of problems, such as network information inundation, information pollution, information infringement, information monopoly and the cybersecurity cri...

Cybercrime: Recognising and preventing malicious activities online

Guillaume Michel

With the advent of digital banking and digital technologies, new pathways to criminal and illicit activities have opened up. This post discusses cybercrime, and analyses its impact and potential prevention measures th...

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DDoS – Available Weapon of Mass Disruption

The increasing militarisation of cyber-space comes in response to fears of critical damage caused by digital weapons like Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS). Understanding that the botnets are the key platform behind DDoS, we compared the costs of running a large-sca... Read more...