Battle for cybersecurity narrative between China and USA

China started issuing detailed reports on cyber attacks from the USA in an attempt to change the predominant cybersecurity narratives in the global media. According to these narratives, China is one of the main global sources of cyberattacks, especially against the United States.

Recently, China published three reports documenting cyber attacks originating in the United States: Qihoo 360 Report, the Report by National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT), and the Report from Qi An Pangu Lab.

The Diplomat considers it as ‘Beijing’s new strategy for responding to Washington’. It is aimed not only towards the US but also a global audience. Reports document that other countries, including US allies, are victims of these attacks.

As geopolitics shifts into a tense phase, we can expect more battles for cybersecurity and digital diplomacy narratives.

Source: The Diplomat