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Asian Diplomacy: The Foreign Ministries of China, India, Japan, Singapore and Thailand

Author: Kishan Rana
Date: 2007

Peter Cozens, director at the Centre for Strategic Studies, Wellington, New Zealand, states: ‘The practice of diplomacy principally as a European art since 1648 is shrouded in seemingly arcane linguistics, hubris and effete gentility. The ebb of western military and industrial predominance behoves diplomacy of a different mettle from the newly emerging and vibrant powerhouses of the Indo-Pacific. This remarkable book provides valuable insights and wisdom for the contemporary practice and understanding of that form of diplomacy in the infinitely more complex world of the 21st Century.’

Ambassador Shyam Saran, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister and Former Indian Foreign Secretary, New Delhi, describes the book as a pioneering work on the foreign policy structures and processes of five key Asian countries, including India and China. ‘We see, once again, evidence of Ambassador Kishan Rana’s meticulous research, personal interaction with critical players of the diplomatic game and his own innovative analysis and deep insights. This book is a must-read and an invaluable reference work for all those interested in the story of… what will shape the emerging geopolitical landscape of our region.’

C. Raja Mohan, Professor at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, states: ‘The rise of Asia on the global stage is now accepted as a matter of fact. But there is little awareness of the people, processes and structures that are shaping Asia’s growing influence worldwide. Kishan Rana fills vaults across that huge gap with great aplomb. With his strong reputation as a scholar of modern diplomacy, Rana treads new ground and offers us rare insights into the working of five Asian foreign offices — in China, Japan, India, Singapore and Thailand… his work would be valued for long by any one interested in the diplomatic culture of Asia’s rising powers.’


  1. Introduction
  2. China: Reform and Refinement
  3. India: Opportunity and Renewal
  4. Japan: The West or Asia?
  5. Singapore: Vulnerability into Strength
  6. Thailand: Serene Networking
  7. Asian Characteristics
  8. Comparing Asian Foreign Ministries
  9. Conclusions

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