An assessment of economic and commercial diplomacy in micro-states: A case study of Namibia

Economic diplomacy can become an important tool for foreign policy of the government to promote economic interest of Namibia in relation to trade promotion, attracting investment through channels of diplomacy.
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Talietha Tlhabanello
Export market and foreign investment are to play the main role, because the domestic market and investment are too small to achieve the desired goal. The foreign economic relations for state policy aspired at more integration in the country in the world economy and to make sure of sustained economic growth that will focus on a priority on developing in the directions of promoting trade with the main concerned given to export promotion and the global competition to attract foreign investment as well as to promote the image of the country in terms of economic and investment. Namibia diplomatic missions abroad have also critical functions to play. One of the main duties of the missions abroad is to support the expansion of economy in Namibia by promoting and encouraging foreign investment into Namibia. They play an important role in the international area to develop a sustainable international business network to be able to attract more export, elicit inward investment and tourism activities. However effectiveness of the missions is hampered by endemic and structural problems. The research will investigate the problems faced by the missions.

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