Caribbean Diplomacy: Research on Diplomacy of Small States

With little recourse to traditional economic and political power in their international relations, diplomacy for Caribbean states is a key mechanism to achieve the realisation of the region’s overall development agenda. The Caribbean is no stranger to diplomatic challenges.
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Solange Mike

As Small Island Developing States (SIDS), the very nature of these vulnerable countries combined with other endogenous and exogenous factors, have historically posed challenges in terms of their capability and capacity to engage effectively and efficiently in the international arena. However, globalization and the development of the Information Society, in part through the pervasive nature of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), has impacted the nature and scope of diplomacy, bringing to the fore new issues and actors and creating a global arena which not only potentially compounds such challenges, but also facilitates the proliferation of new ones. This paper will examine small states diplomacy in reference to the diplomacy of the Caribbean within the context of the increasingly interconnected and globalized international system.

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