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AI & Linguistics

humAInism explores AI’s impact on linguistics and communication, evident in various applications, including natural language processing, machine translation, and voice recognition.

It has also influenced the field by providing new tools for analysing vast amounts of linguistic data, identifying patterns and structures, and generating previously inaccessible insights. This computational approach to linguistics has broadened our understanding of language acquisition, syntax, and semantics.

However, language is a complex phenomenon, with nuances, idioms, and cultural contexts that are still difficult for AI systems to fully grasp. This is why an effort must be made to ensure AI’s ethical and unbiased use in linguistic applications, as it shapes how we communicate and understand language.

Learn more on language, digitalisation, and diplomacy.

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EspriTech de Genève: Nexus between technology and humanity

August 28, 2023

At our last stop of the summer journey ‘Recycling ideas’, we come to Geneva, a meeting place of technology and humanity for centuries. The city’s role is gaining new relevance as we find ourselves at a turning point, facing both changes and chall...


The Vienna Nexus: Five thinkers who coded the operating system of modernity

August 25, 2023

If you look for the source code of the operating system of modernity, you will end up in Vienna between the two world wars with five main thinkers: Ludwig Von Mises, Joseph Schumpeter, Friedrich Hayek, Sigmund Freud, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Their concepts h...


Ubuntu Ethos: African Insights for Ethical AI 

August 18, 2023

As negotiations on AI governance unfold, Africa's participation is pivotal. The continent could contribute its Ubuntu etho-philosophy to the global shaping of AI rules. Ubuntu, deeply ingrained in African culture, champions harmonious relationships among indiv...


From the Parthenon to Patterns: Ancient Greek philosophy for the AI Era

August 14, 2023

Exploring the intersections of Ancient Greek philosophy and modern AI: Delve into the timeless insights of Socrates, Plato, and the Phaedrus dialogue as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. From techno-scepticism to the balance of d...

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AI Axial Moment: From history’s lessons to future AI governance
September 5, 2023

Join us for the webinar on 5th September (14.00 CEST | 12.00 UTC) when Jovan Kurbalija will delineate a bridge between the past discussed in ‘Recycling Ideas’ and the future of AI governance. We have come to the end of our summer journey of ‘Recycling ideas’. We gathered ideas, concepts, and traditions that can help […]

The Power of the Unsaid – Diplomatic Communication in the AI Era (Workshop)
April 5, 2023

So far in our history we have only been able to communicate with other humans using language but with the technological advancements and the rise of ChatGPT we can now converse with an AI chatbot. More surprisingly still, that bot may even speak and write more fluently than we do, outperforming us in speed, scope, and […]

Diplo Week in Geneva
October 20, 2022

We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary with Diplo Week in Geneva!  Throughout Diplo Week, we’ll offer a series of open-door events where you can learn all about the latest AI applications and data analysis, how to use them in online meetings, and discover brand new online teaching methods!  All time in CET 7 November – Digital [&helli

1st International Online Conference on Digital Transformation in Culture and Education
April 14, 2021

1st International Online Conference on Digital Transformation in Culture and Education 14–16 April 2021 This conference is an excellent forum for digital librarians, researchers, and practitioners to present and discuss the latest advancements, problems, future directions, and trends in digital transformation, especially in today’s ubiquitous virtual env

Humanism and artificial intelligence
December 24, 2019

‘Cars are self-driving’, ‘AI is becoming ‘alive’ and replacing human roles’, ‘An AI just outperformed 20 top lawyers’, and ‘Will AI take over lawyers and judges?’ are just some of the common media titles and topics in the artificial intelligence (AI) debate. While AI makes our lives easier, its rapid development raises numerous philosophi