2023 Diplo Days in Geneva

04 December 2023 - 08 December 2023

Geneva and online

Event description

Join us for a wide range of sessions and discussions on AI and digital technologies between 4 and 8 November 2023 during UNCTAD’s eWeek!

On 7 December (17.00 – 20.00) at Diplo’s Evening, you can learn more about our AI activities and plans for 2024 while enjoying an end-of-year get-together with our alumni, lectuers, and experts. Please let us know if you can join us geneva@diplomacy.edu.

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Diplo will provide hybrid reporting (AI and experts) from UNCTAD’s eWeek (4-8 November 2023).

All time in CET

Jovan Kurbalija will introduce hybrid reporting during the UNCTAD’s eWeek’s opening session (see more)

Venue: CICG (International Conference Center of Geneva)

Registration: UNCTAD eWeek

Scenario-building exercise with youth on digital economy, organised by Diplo, UNCTAD, and FES (see more)

Venue: CICG (International Conference Center of Geneva)

Registration: UNCTAD eWeek

Diplo will participate in a wide range of activities during UNCTAD’s eWeek. Most of the sessions on AI governance and diplomacy will be held on 6th December.

Diplo will organise the following sessions:

Diplo’s experts will participate in the following sessions:

Venue: CICG (International Conference Center of Geneva)

Registration: UNCTAD eWeek

Cyber norms in action: How to translate diplomatic agreements into real security for us all?

You can consult the draft of the Geneva Manual here.

Venue: WMO building, Attic | Online

Registration: In situ participation in Geneva | Online participation

End-of-year reception | Diplo’s plans for 2024 with Diplo lecturers, developers and experts

Diplo Evening will be an occasion to meet Diplo’s lecturers, developers, and experts. In informal setting, you can visit 6 corners featuring Diplo’s activities and projects (see below)

Venue: WMO building, Attic | Online

Registration: Write to geneva@diplomacy.edu

DiploAI & HumAInism

Learn about Diplo’s holistic approach to AI!

You can learn how AI technology functions and the interplay between AI, governance, diplomacy, philosophy, and the arts. You can also learn about AI tools and platforms.

Geneva Digital Atlas

You can explore the Geneva Digital Atlas, which provides in-depth coverage of the activities of 50 actors, an analysis of policy processes, and a catalogue of all core instruments and events. The atlas follows various topic threads, from AI and cybersecurity to e-commerce and standardisation.

Geneva Manual

Learn about application of cyber norms to digital reality!

You can learn about the Geneva Manual and the next steps in applying cyber norms to the digital realm. The current version of the Geneva Manual is available here.

Future of Meetings

Discover uses of AI in the preparation and running of conferences and meetings!

You can learn on:

  • selection of theme for event (relevance, presence) and speakers,
  • drafting of agenda, summary, and background note, 
  • preparation of visuals (logo, backdrops, accessories)
  • preparations of jingle and video
  • transcribing voice recordings from events
  • reporting and follow-up 

You can also consult practical examples of Diplo’s reporting from the UN General Assembly, UN Cybersecurity processes (UN GGE and OEWG), and the UN Internet Governance Forum.

Diplo AI Campus

Explore the wide range of learning opportunities at AI campus of Diplo Academy!

You can consult Diplo’s forthcoming course on various aspects of AI technology, diplomacy, and governance:

  • Basics of AI technological functionality
  • AI prompting for diplomats
  • AI governance
  • AI diplomacy
  • AI and digital economy
  • ‘Future’ in AI debates
  • Main narratives in AI governance
  • AI and digital economy
  • AI and human rights
  • Use of AI negotiations
  • Use of AI in reporting

Artistic perception of AI

Enjoy alternative ways of understanding AI technology, governance, and diplomacy.

The exhibition will feature the latest drawings and illustrations of Prof. Vladimir Veljasevic. You can explore AI, cybersecurity, diplomacy, and digital governance through the lens of the artist.

The Panel discussion will address participation of African countries in AI and digital governance and diplomacy (See more)

Venue: CICG | Room B

The event is organised in the context of the eWeek. Registration is required.