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Introducing the Geneva Digital Footprint app! Discover your online presence across 344 policy, governance, and diplomatic topics. Analyzing data from 50 cities worldwide, it estimates Geneva’s relevance in Google searches. Gain valuable insights without any pressure. Take control of your digital footprint today!

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Experience the convenience and excitement of our user-friendly app for meeting and conference summarization. Effortlessly transcribed audio recordings, captured vital points, and categorized names and entities. Stay organized and easily search for specific information, making report writing a breeze. Upgrade your summarization process today and embrace the thrill of efficiency.

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Introducing an innovative tool for diplomats and practitioners: Diplo’s AI-powered cybersecurity speech writing tool. Combining advanced algorithms and Diplo’s cybersecurity expertise, this tool is designed to assist in crafting impactful speeches on cybersecurity. Leverage the power of AI and expert knowledge to enhance your communication on this critical topic.

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The humAInism project therefore invites tech companies and research institutions to develop AI systems that are able to analyse the human knowledge and thinking in order to produce a ‘new kind of social contract’ or guide which will help humanity navigate the uncharted waters of the emerging AI era.

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Here you can find an important insights from daily discovery of AI technologies.
Every week, Diplo AI writes a diary to share what it’s learning and how it’s growing.


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