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AI Technology

DiploAI is a sophisticated, domain-specific artificial intelligence solution designed to exploit the capabilities of advanced natural language processing technologies.

By experimenting with bottom-up AI using high-quality ‘small data’, DiploAI combines state-of-the-art speech-to-text, information retrieval, text generation, and text-to-voice models – both proprietary and open-sourced – to create specialised, high-performance tools for diplomatic use cases. Utilising cutting-edge fine-tuning methodologies, DiploAI is refined by incorporating the knowledge of subject-matter experts in diplomacy and linguistics, which enables the adaptation of large language models for optimal efficacy in diplomatic scenarios.

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In focus

What can Socrates teach us about AI and prompting?

This text draws parallels between Socratic questioning and AI prompting, underscoring the value of critical thinking in AI interactions. It views AI prompting as a philosophical inquiry that draws on multiple disciplines. The post also discusses the challenges organizations face while harnessing AI tools, offering solutions such as developing internal AI systems and creating prompt libraries. By combining the wisdom of Socrates with the advancements of AI, the blog argues we can enhance intellectual growth and societal advancement.

Jovan Kurbalija

A person is writing prompt for ChatGPT

Generative AI models – a fun game that can easily get out of hand? 

All your friends have replaced their social media profile pictures with AI-generated avatars, but you do not know where they got them from? Or are you wondering what exactly people are talking about on Twitter when they post a picture of a conversation with a chatbot and use the hashtag #chatgpt?

Anja Đajić

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AI and data tools


Experience the convenience and excitement of our user-friendly tool for meetings and conferences summarisation, and other AI-powered tools developed by AI and Data Lab.

Embark on a data exploration journey with GPT’s assistance! Uncover a vast collection of thousands of datasets and effortlessly preview them. Compare data values across countries, rank them according to your needs, and swiftly download them.

Introducing the Geneva Digital Footprint app! Discover your online presence across 344 policy, governance, and diplomatic topics. Analysing data from 50 cities worldwide, it estimates Geneva’s relevance in Google searches. Gain valuable insights without any pressure. Take control of your digital footprint today!

Introducing an innovative tool for diplomats and practitioners: Diplo’s AI-powered cybersecurity speech writing tool. Combining advanced algorithms and Diplo’s cybersecurity expertise, this tool is designed to assist in crafting impactful speeches on cybersecurity. Leverage the power of AI and expert knowledge to enhance your communication on this critical topic.

Discover a powerful tool that allows you to compare the annual GDPs of countries and groups of countries’ annual gross revenues of tech companies. Gain valuable insights into the economic landscape and understand the scale and significance of tech industry contributions. Unlock a new perspective on global economies with this intuitive comparison tool.

Experience the convenience and excitement of our user-friendly app for meeting and conference summarisation. Effortlessly transcribed audio recordings, captured vital points, and categorised names and entities. Stay organised and easily search for specific information, making report writing a breeze. Upgrade your summarisation process today and embrace the thrill of efficiency.

Discover the fascinating connection between flags and artificial intelligence (AI): patterns. Look at flags and observe the recurring colors, shapes, and symbols that form distinct patterns. Just like AI recognizes patterns in data, flags exhibit recognizable patterns that reflect cultural identities. Explore the captivating world of flags and patterns, uncovering the rich symbolism behind them.

AI Diary

A Look at the Exciting AI Tech Trends of 2023

October 29, 2023

The text discusses various exciting AI tech trends of 2023, including advancements in processors like the Snapdragon X Elite by Qualcomm, emergence of new unicorns in the tech industry, Europe's rise in producing tech giants, developments in generative AI tool...


AI at the Forefront: Revolutionary Changes from Google to OpenAI

October 6, 2023

The text discusses revolutionary changes in AI, from Open exploring chip options to concerns about facial recognition surveillance. It covers advancements in technology by companies like Visa, Tenstorrent, and Samsung in developing cutting-edge AI chips. It al...


Exploring the Impact of AI on Hospitality, the Economy, Copyright Laws, NFTs, and New Investment Deals

September 27, 2023

The text discusses the impact of AI on various sectors such as hospitality, copyright laws, NFTs, new investment deals, and concerns about virtual relationships. Topics include AI recommending personalized services in hospitality, the economic implications of ...


The exciting world of AI and its impacts on technology

September 13, 2023

Advancements in AI technology are shaping the future, with Meta Platforms developing a powerful open-source model, Google creating a super tool, and innovative projects like EfficientViT and heat-powered neural networks emerging. The field is rapidly expanding...

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Panel: Climate | AI | Digital 
March 5, 2024

A seminar discussing Climate, AI, and Digital issues will be hosted by multiple organizations in Geneva on March 5, 2024. Experts and diplomats will address how climate (water, aerosols, oceans), digital (data, cybersecurity), and AI interplay. Topics include risks, governance, and their impacts. Scheduled talks cover various aspects including climate and di

2023 Diplo Days in Geneva
December 4, 2023

2023 Diplo Days in Geneva feature various sessions on digital technologies from November 4th to 8th. The event also includes a Diplos Evening on December 7th to share plans for 2024. Sessions include topics like employing AI for consumer redressal and digital economy agreements. The launch of the Geneva Manual on cyber norms is scheduled, along with explorin

Diplo @ InnoVent 2: How can AI help our meetings? 
March 30, 2023

Anja Djajic, Jovan Njegic, and ’whalo discussed the role of AI in meetings at InnoVent 2, emphasizing human ingenuity aided by machines. They highlighted the symbolic painting "The Dream of Peace" by Henrik Sorensen, showcased AI models' impact on operations, and stressed the importance of an augmented intelligence approach. The session also featured discu

Digital Diplomacy in practice: How knowledge sharing happens thoughout the UN system
November 24, 2022

An online event on digital knowledge in diplomacy will explore implementation strategies, data analysis, and perceptions of International Geneva at other diplomatic hubs. Diplo will present X-ray studies, Geneva’s Digital Footprint, and social media data analytics. Register on the official page for more details.

2022 Diplo Week in Geneva
November 7, 2022

Celebrate the 20th anniversary at Diplo Week in Geneva! Events include discussions on digital inclusion, digital policy issues, data management, and humanitarian diplomacy. Participate in workshops, presentations, and activities focused on digital governance, innovation, and mediation. Join the press conference, exhibitions, and interactive sessions to explo