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EspriTech de Genève: Nexus between technology and humanity

Jovan Kurbalija

At our last stop of the summer journey 'Recycling ideas', we come to Geneva, a meeting place of technology and humanity for centuries. The city’s role is gaining new relevance as we find ourselves at a turning point...

The Vienna Nexus: Five thinkers who coded the operating system of modernity

Jovan Kurbalija

If you look for 'the source code of the operating system' of modernity, you will end up in Vienna between the two world wars. After the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918, Vienna was a vibrant hub of i...

Ubuntu Ethos: African Insights for Ethical AI 

Jovan Kurbalija

Ubuntu, a philosophy deeply ingrained in African culture, is widely recognized for establishing harmonious relationships among individuals and communities.Ubuntu is attracting renewed attention by academia and policy-...

Axial Age in China: Timeless reflections for AI era from Chinese philosophy  

Jovan Kurbalija

16 August 2023

China's Axial Age, a period of shaping main cultural tenets, is built around three major thinkers: Shang Yang, Confucius, and Lao Tze. Their wisdom, deeply embedded in a multitude of age-old quotes, remains pertinent ...

From the Parthenon to Patterns: Ancient Greek philosophy for the AI Era

Jovan Kurbalija

Ancient Greek philosophy has served for millennia as a profound wellspring of ideas. Throughout history, when societies encountered pivotal changes, they often sought guidance from the eminent trinity of Greek philoso...

Journey of Zero: How a simple number revolutionised the world from ancient India to our digital era

Jovan Kurbalija

11 August 2023

The number zero is a cornerstone of modern mathematics, technology, and the digital world. Its origins are rooted in the philosophical concepts of ancient South and Southeast Asia, and its journey to Western Europe is...

On the threshold of the AI Axial Age

Jovan Kurbalija

We stand at the brink of an AI-driven Axial Age, poised to grapple with the sweeping changes propelled by technological advancements. This impending epoch promises rapid and all-encompassing transformation, influencin...

What can Socrates teach us about AI and prompting?

Jovan Kurbalija

The art of asking questions in the AI era Socrates was one of the first knowledge prompters. On the streets of Athens, 25 centuries ago, Socrates 'prompted' citizens to search for truth and answers, which is, i...

Exploring the power of AI: Diplomatic language as Turing test

Jovan Kurbalija

The journey to find the next Turing-style test for AI continues. After the bustling flea markets, we now venture into the sophisticated world of diplomacy. Can AI decipher the complex layers and multifaceted meanings ...

Can AI understand our language?

Jovana Martić

Transcription software is now crucial for many businesses, journalists, researchers, and other professionals who need to convert audio or video recordings into text. These software programs automate the transcription ...