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humAInism explores what AI can do for humanity and how humanity can best be served by it.

As AI has become integral to our lives, vital questions demand immediate answers. Will machines replace us? Can we harness AI’s benefits while mitigating its drawbacks? Who holds the reins of AI governance and policy-making?

At Diplo, we delve into these pivotal inquiries through our research, training, events, software development, and the arts. Guided by our belief that humans should remain at the core of AI utilisation and progress, we present you humAInism — a name that echoes our commitment to shaping a future where AI empowers, rather than endangers, humanity.


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AI governance

Exploring the political, economic, and societal governance of AI. Monitoring governance processes at national, regional, and global levels.

AI diplomacy

Looking at the impact of AI on reporting, negotiations, forecasting, and other diplomatic functions. Applying theory in practice by developing practical tools for AI diplomacy.

AI technology

Developing DiploGPT and other AI tools. Experimenting with bottom-up AI through the use of high-quality ‘small data’.

AI & Philosophy

The philosophical considerations of AI’s impact on humanity are complex and multifaceted. Ethical frameworks, human agency, socio-economic implications, and existential risks require critical examination.

AI & Linguistics

We must ensure AI’s ethical and unbiased use in linguistic applications, as it shapes how we communicate and understand language.

AI & Art

AI has expanded the horizons of creative expression, pushing artists and audiences to rethink traditional notions of art, creativity, and authorship.

In focus

AI and Digital @ WEF 2024 in Davos

Traditionally, AI and digital play a prominent role at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters. This year, WEF will take place on 15-19 January with the main theme ‘Rebuilding Trust’.

Digital Watch Observatory and Diplo are reporting from all publicly broadcasted sessions on AI and digital technologies.

15-19 January 2024, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

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AI and data tools


DiploAI is a sophisticated, domain-specific artificial intelligence solution designed to exploit the capabilities of advanced natural language processing technologies.

DiploAI combines state-of-the-art speech-to-text, information retrieval, text generation, and text-to-voice models – both proprietary and open-sourced – to create a specialised, high-performance tool for diplomatic use cases. Utilising cutting-edge fine-tuning methodologies, DiploAI is refined by incorporating the knowledge of subject-matter experts in diplomacy and linguistics, which enables the adaptation of large language models for optimal efficacy in diplomatic scenarios.

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Beyond print: How books evolve in the age of AI acceleration

March 24, 2024

The blog discusses the challenges faced by traditional publishing in keeping up with the rapid pace of technological advancements and societal changes. It proposes a two-speed approach to book publishing, integrating real-time updates with annual reflections, ...


‘Yes Minister’ as the novel Turing Test for advanced AI

March 9, 2024

The message discusses updating the Turing Test to assess advanced AI against human capabilities, using the British sitcom 'Yes Minister' as a novel benchmark. It highlights the complexities of human communication and bureaucratic language, focusing on the witt...


AI optimism in geopolitically pessimistic Davos

February 2, 2024

Davos showcased AI optimism against a backdrop of global unease, highlighting a shift from fears of technological risks to focusing on governance and positive applications. The dialogue emphasized the economic potential of open-source AI, marking a move toward...


12 AI and Digital Predictions for 2024

January 5, 2024

A forecast of AI's evolution, emphasizing cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, the challenge to ChatGPT by Google and the significance of Large Multimodal Models. It predicts AI disillusionment, clearer AI governance, and intense digital geopolitics, showcas...

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Executive training in Diplomatic Negotiations and AI and Diplomacy
April 22, 2024

Executive training in Diplomatic Negotiations and AI and Diplomacy will be held from April 22 to 26, 2024, focusing on equipping diplomats to navigate the impact of digital technologies on diplomacy. Participants will learn to leverage tools like big data for analysis and policymaking, and develop skills for successful diplomatic negotiations and effective i

The impact of AI on data collection, exploitation, protection, and privacy in Africa
January 17, 2024

The impact of AI on data collection, exploitation, protection, and privacy in Africa is explored in a webinar. The discussion delves into the implications of AI deployment, examines challenges and opportunities, considers ethical implications, and proposes policy recommendations. The recently effective Malabo Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Pr

AI and Digital Predictions for 2024
January 11, 2024

AI and digital trends for 2024 were discussed at an event with Jovan Kurbalija and journalist Richard Werly. The conversation covered predictions for the year ahead.

2023 Diplo Days in Geneva
December 4, 2023

2023 Diplo Days in Geneva feature various sessions on digital technologies from November 4th to 8th. The event also includes a Diplos Evening on December 7th to share plans for 2024. Sessions include topics like employing AI for consumer redressal and digital economy agreements. The launch of the Geneva Manual on cyber norms is scheduled, along with explorin

Geneva AI Community launch
November 23, 2023

The Geneva AI Community has been launched to unite individuals actively utilizing AI technology, from daily tasks to developing applications, within International Geneva. This initiative aims to guide organizations through AI-induced transitions and explore practical aspects of integrating AI technologies. Practitioners and innovators in International Geneva