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humAInism explores what AI can do for humanity and how humanity can best be served by it.

As AI has become integral to our lives, vital questions demand immediate answers. Will machines replace us? Can we harness AI’s benefits while mitigating its drawbacks? Who holds the reins of AI governance and policy-making?

At Diplo, we delve into these pivotal inquiries through our research, training, events, software development, and the arts. Guided by our belief that humans should remain at the core of AI utilisation and progress, we present you humAInism — a name that echoes our commitment to shaping a future where AI empowers, rather than endangers, humanity.


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AI governance

Exploring the political, economic, and societal governance of AI. Monitoring governance processes at national, regional, and global levels.

AI diplomacy

Looking at the impact of AI on reporting, negotiations, forecasting, and other diplomatic functions. Applying theory in practice by developing practical tools for AI diplomacy.

AI technology

Developing DiploGPT and other AI tools. Experimenting with bottom-up AI through the use of high-quality ‘small data’.

AI & Philosophy

The philosophical considerations of AI’s impact on humanity are complex and multifaceted. Ethical frameworks, human agency, socio-economic implications, and existential risks require critical examination.

AI & Linguistics

We must ensure AI’s ethical and unbiased use in linguistic applications, as it shapes how we communicate and understand language.

AI & Art

AI has expanded the horizons of creative expression, pushing artists and audiences to rethink traditional notions of art, creativity, and authorship.

In focus

AI and Digital @ WEF 2024 in Davos

Traditionally, AI and digital play a prominent role at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters. This year, WEF will take place on 15-19 January with the main theme ‘Rebuilding Trust’.

Digital Watch Observatory and Diplo are reporting from all publicly broadcasted sessions on AI and digital technologies.

15-19 January 2024, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

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AI and data tools


DiploAI is a sophisticated, domain-specific artificial intelligence solution designed to exploit the capabilities of advanced natural language processing technologies.

DiploAI combines state-of-the-art speech-to-text, information retrieval, text generation, and text-to-voice models – both proprietary and open-sourced – to create a specialised, high-performance tool for diplomatic use cases. Utilising cutting-edge fine-tuning methodologies, DiploAI is refined by incorporating the knowledge of subject-matter experts in diplomacy and linguistics, which enables the adaptation of large language models for optimal efficacy in diplomatic scenarios.

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Part 3 – Speaking of futures: Presuppositions

June 5, 2024

In her third post on futures literacy, Dr Biljana Scott delves into presuppositions and their influence on how we perceive the future, especially regarding AI....


AI@UN: Navigating the tightrope between innovation and impartiality

June 5, 2024

The UN faces the challenge of integrating AI in a way that maintains its impartiality and credibility, advocating for an open-source AI platform contributed to by countries, companies, and citizens to ensure transparency, inclusivity, and adherence to its core...


Part 2 – Speaking of futures: Que será, será

May 29, 2024

In her second post on futures literacy, Dr Biljana Scott explores the influence of storytelling, logical fallacies, and archetypal themes on our perceptions of the future....


Religious history and big data

May 27, 2024

In 2015, Aldo Matteucci commented on the ambitious plan for a big data-driven encyclopedia of religious cultural history, highlighting issues with Western biases and the difficulty of quantifying religious experiences....

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AI for Good Global Summit
May 30, 2024

The AI for Good Global Summit, happening in Geneva on May 30-31, 2024, aims to advance practical applications of AI for global impact. Organized by ITU in partnership with 40 Sister Agencies and Switzerland, the event will feature interactive stages with keynote speakers, cutting-edge solutions, pitching sessions, and performances. The summit is part of the

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+20) Forum High-Level Event
May 27, 2024

The WSIS+20 Forum High-Level Event is set for May 27 to 31, 2024, co-organized by various entities and co-hosted by others. It will facilitate information exchange, best practice sharing, and partnership building while addressing current trends in information and knowledge societies. Stakeholders are encouraged to engage in the event and contribute to its su

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and Diplo forge strategic partnership
May 21, 2024

Kuwait City, Kuwait — 21 May 2024 His Excellency Ambassador Nasser S. Al-Sabeeh, Assistant Foreign Minister for the Saud N. Al-Sabah Kuwait Diplomatic Institute, and Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Director of DiploFoundation, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement signifies a key partnership between the two institutions aimed at advancing capacity de

Unpacking the EU AI Act
April 29, 2024

Whether you are deeply involved in AI developments, interested in AI governance, or looking to understand the impact of AI on our society, this event on ‘Unpacking EU AI Act’ will provide you with valuable insights and information.  Gabriele Mazzini, the architect and lead author of the EU AI Act at the European Commission (DG Connect), [&helli

Tech Diplomacy: Regulation and Digital Issues on the International Agenda
April 24, 2024

Internet Masr and The Diplomat Magazine Egypt are hosting a webinar on Tech Diplomacy with key speaker Dr. Jovan Kurbalija discussing digital issues on the international agenda. Amb. Amr Aljowaily will be the moderator. The event is scheduled for April 24th and requires registration to participate.