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AI & Art

humAInism looks at how AI has revolutionised contemporary art across visual, musical, and literary domains. It has expanded the horizons of creative expression, pushing artists and audiences to rethink traditional notions of art, creativity, and authorship.

While AI brings many possibilities, its integration into art raises complex questions about the relationship between humans and machines, challenging us to navigate the evolving landscape of AI-generated art with thoughtfulness and critical engagement.

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Former coffee maker – current AI policy advisor

IQ’whalo is an installation by Professor Vladimir Veljašević from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Art in Belgrade, representing a non-anthropomorphised embodiment of artificial intelligence (AI). It was first presented in 2019 at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Berlin.

IQ’whalo uses a large language model (LLM) to generate synthetic text based on the input of policy papers and transcripts from various meetings and conferences. 

The name is a transcription of the Serbian word for coffee maker (‘Kuvalo’). Besides being a science fiction reference, Q is also a reference to ‘Q, the first genderless voice’, developed by many researchers, created to break down the gender binary and the stereotyping that binary brings. IQ’whalo applied its concept by altering the synthesised voice’s pitch and creating genderless expression.

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EspriTech de Genève: Nexus between technology and humanity

August 28, 2023

At our last stop of the summer journey ‘Recycling ideas’, we come to Geneva, a meeting place of technology and humanity for centuries. The city’s role is gaining new relevance as we find ourselves at a turning point, facing both changes and chall...


The Ambassadors Reimagined: How Holbein’s painting can inspire global AI negotiations?

August 23, 2023

The Ambassadors, Holbein's painting from 1533, has a strong symbolic meaning relevant to the AI era. Like in 16th century, we face a similar flux between the major promises of scientific progress and risks of conflicts and tensions. You can read what today's A...


Transformation of artificial intelligence: A villain becomes a poet?

May 24, 2023

Who doesn’t remember the famous Matrix trilogy?! The Wachowskis’ exciting and challenging films pinned us to the screens, while our favourite heroes fought against the Matrix, trying to liberate humanity from the false and terrible world created and bu...


AI and art: Aibo, the robot dog

May 22, 2023

I painted Aibo some 20 years ago because I wanted to own a robot. Among the robots available at the time, both in reality and on film, I liked Aibo the most. Even more than R2-D2. Aibo is still expensive today, so I haven’t bought it yet. Aibo is in dema...

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2023 Diplo Days in Geneva
December 4, 2023

Join us for a wide range of sessions and discussions on AI and digital technologies between 4 and 8 November 2023 during UNCTAD’s eWeek! On 7 December (17.00 – 20.00) at Diplo’s Evening, you can learn more about our AI activities and plans for 2024 while enjoying an end-of-year get-together with our alumni, lectuers, and […]

2022 Diplo Week in Geneva
November 7, 2022

We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary with Diplo Week in Geneva!  Throughout Diplo Week, we’ll offer a series of open-door events where you can learn all about the latest AI applications and data analysis, how to use them in online meetings, and discover brand new online teaching methods!  All time in CET 7 November – Digital [&helli

humAInism and Artificial Intelligence
December 20, 2019

A discussion about artificial intelligence and the future of humanism through the prism of philosophy, politics, linguistics, arts, and technology. On Friday, 20th December, from 17.00 to 19.00h CET, at the Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Dr Jovan Kurbalija, director of DiploFoundation, Dr Biljana Scott, senior lecturer at DiploFoundation an

Science fiction meets policy | Policy meets science fiction
January 15, 2019

What can sci-fi teach us about digital politics and its future? What was once considered science fiction is becoming a reality at an accelerated pace. What can sci-fi teach us about the future of digital politics? Can it inform better policies? If so, how? Who? What can sci-fi teach us about digital politics and its […]