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EspriTech de Genève: Nexus between technology and humanity

Jovan Kurbalija

We introduce "EspriTech de Genève," highlighting the synergy between technology and humanity, inspired by Geneva's unique blend of philosophical and technological heritage. This approach advocates for technology that respects human values, envisioning a future where tech advancements enrich our humanity

The Ambassadors Reimagined: How Holbein’s painting can inspire global AI negotiations?

Jovan Kurbalija

The Ambassadors, Holbein's painting from 1533, has a strong symbolic meaning relevant to the AI era. Like in 16th century, we face a similar flux between the major promises of scientific progress and risks of conflicts and tensions. You can read what today's AI negotiations can learn from Holbein's ambassadors.

Transformation of artificial intelligence: A villain becomes a poet?

Mirjana Petrović-Filipović

The text discusses the transformation of artificial intelligence from a villain, as depicted in the Matrix trilogy, to a poet. Little Ice Cube, a chatbot in China, has gained popularity for engaging in conversations and even writing poems. Despite initial skepticism, the chatbot's collection of poems titled "Sunshine Misses Window" was well-received, challenging traditional views on poetry creation by artificial intelligence. This unexpected shift demonstrates the evolving capabilities of AI and offers a unique perspective on its development.

AI and art: Aibo, the robot dog

Aleksandar Jestrović

The text discusses the artist's fascination with Aibo, a robot dog, painted 20 years ago. Aibo's popularity stems from its ability to evoke attachment and mimic real dog behavior. The artist reflects on the confluence of intelligence in both artificial and living beings, highlighting the complex nature of understanding intelligence. The artwork portrays Aibo with a real bone, symbolizing a contemplation of existence.

How should we visualise AI?


We examine the best ways to visualize AI, emphasizing the need for representations that capture its complexity and potential. Imagery should reflect AI's dual nature—its capabilities and challenges—encouraging a balanced perspective on technology that is reshaping our world.

The reality of science fiction: Behind the scenes of race and technology

Darija Medić

The text discusses the intertwining of race, technology, and Afrofuturism, highlighting the parallels between the experiences of black people in real life and those portrayed in science fiction. It emphasizes the importance of storytelling, communication technologies, and the genre of Afrofuturism in addressing social inequalities and advocating for empowerment and change. Additionally, it touches on issues such as bias in technology, erasure of history, and the need for a more inclusive and caring society. Ultimately, the text promotes the significance of reimagining narratives to bring about a better world through listening and understanding.

A future inevitable

Abhilash Babu Vinayak

The message reflects on the impact of advancing technology over the last two decades, highlighting concerns about the blurring lines between reality and virtual existence. It questions the feasibility of remaining truly human in a world driven by convenience and appearance. The text emphasizes the inevitability of a future where machines govern various aspects of life, akin to the warnings portrayed in "The Matrix.

How Bauhaus can help build a digital home for humanity

Jovan Kurbalija

We explore how Bauhaus principles can shape a digital home for humanity, emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and inclusivity in digital spaces, akin to the Bauhaus movement's impact on architecture and design