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Aldo Matteucci March 12, 2013

Bi, "laughter is the best medicine". Why? It dissolves "lines of exclusion". We can only laugh together, can't we? (snickering is for the lonely person). When we laugh, the "I vs. thou" social situation is replaced by the "us". The kindle of collective intentionality catches fire... we slap each others' shoulders, the eyes sparkle and we are friends. Love mostly starts with laughter - even when it is the old corny line... Now to irony: it is about holding up the mirror. It is about changing one's point of view. We humans thrive on "self-affirmation stories" - mostly commentary to events we invent to warm our cockles and then peddle as truth. The ironic mirror shows us up to ourselves by suddenly switching perspective. Sacrality (aka as pompousness - from pomp and circumstance) hates irony - the loud fart that reminds everyone that we are just humans steeped in physicality. Tendentially irony too dissolves lines of exclusion - the put-down it involves, however, aims at the emptiness of the "self-affirmation story". It upsets the victim, which is suddenly moved outside the "comfort zone". We are ready to "kill" for "self-affirmation"... But at 0130am and away from the comfort of my library I can't be as clever as I think I am aldo

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