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Heyecan Veziroglu (not verified) April 03, 2016

I'd like to take this opportunity to send my best regards for a healthy and happy spring season. ı hope to write on the challenges and trends of Public Diplomacy for my thesis... (Within the context of Turkey's implementation of a new paradigm PD....) I sincerely think that the diplomatic service is still needed.. First of all, human interaction is an essential factor in diplomacy. Dialogue-based Public Diplomacy could not only be practised from web... You need to know the body language of your colleagues and how they adapt to the traditions. Secondly, technical experts are needed for further usage of computer based advanced Technologies.. Last but not least, art,cinema ,theatre influence publics realting to foreign affairs, and artists writers could very ell act as ambaasadors of peace...

Kishan S Rana (not verified) April 03, 2016

Your points are valid. We hope to cover this at the webinar. Kishan

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